A Gift of Joy for You…

sunrise rounded

The only light comes from the kitchen.

The only noise is the cat crying.

This morning moment is mine, and I sit and write and dream.


I’m pulled out of this sacred space as Chloe wakes for the day, and I remember just a few months back when I regularly had these mornings, before she would wake early.

It was my creative time and much of it was filled with tea and Hannah Marcotti‘s inspiring prompts.

 Spirits of Joy

Through her joy programs, and most recently Spirits of Joy, I found not only reconnection and deeper connection with self but also with a powerful and incredible group of courageous women.

I am grateful for my journey of the last year and how it has been marked by Hannah’s presence, words, and fierce belief in possibility.


The power of this soul work is difficult for me to put into words.  The community that has grown around it fills my heart beyond capacity. 
If you are looking to a path back to your self, hundreds of other women and I can tell you that Hannah is the guide that can get you there.  It may feel scary, it may start slowly, but you will start to open, and your light will burst forth into the world in ways you could never have imagined.
Vulnerability? Yes.

Compassion? Yes.

Shedding of fears?  Yes.

Deep connection? Oh Yes.


If you are ready to say yes this (slightly snowy!) Saturday morning, I am sharing with you a chance for your own soul to grow and connect.  I have 3 spots in Hannah’s Spirits of Joy to gift, and I would love for one of them to be for you.


Leave a comment below about what joy means to you by midnight tonight.  In the morning, I will announce the women who will get to experience this amazing month.  If you are not one of the three, I encourage you to join us anyway.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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3 thoughts on “A Gift of Joy for You…

  1. Abby

    Joy is feeling connected to your passions, purpose and spending your time living mindfully. Focusing on your own self care so that you can create a life filled with contentment and light.


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