5 Lessons I’ve Learned in Her Five Years

Warm spot in my heart

Five years ago we were in the middle of a heat wave and I was sleeping off the most beautiful and empowering experience of my life.

I’ve learned a lot in these years about being a mama, and even more importantly, about being myself.

To celebrate her 5 years, here are 5 things I’ve learned.
I’ve learned to trust my intuition and my body.

She taught me that I have more power, courage and strength than I ever could have imagined. Together, we invoked that energy and knowing it is within me reminds me that I can always tap into it. Following that inner knowing was more accessible to me then, but now I know it’s in me.

I’ve learned to make peace with not being able to control everything.

She taught me that to be the best mama I can be doesn’t mean to keep bad things or bumps and bruises from happening – none of us can do that. What I can do is offer her safe and sacred space, loving arms, listening ears, and an open heart.

I’ve learned to take care of myself and find the support to do so.

She taught me that I am not at my best for her and others when I don’t put my needs first. Giving myself permission to take care of myself without feeling guilt has been transformative for me and I know that she is learning to take care of herself through watching the choices I make.

I’ve learned to practice.

She has taught me that patience does not simple become part of who we are because we wish it to. It takes work to cultivate patience, especially when living with someone who knows how to push your buttons better than anyone else. She has put me on the path though, and I am learning. As I grow my patience, I know she will grow hers.

I’ve learned to see myself more clearly.

She’s taught me that she is a mirror, soaking up habits, words, and ways of being. When I see in her the parts of me reflected, I see what I value most and what is worth shifting and growing within myself. I see that I can show her love, happiness, sadness, and everything in between and she will learn that to feel the feelings is important and that there’s no need to hide from them.

And one to grow on…
I’ve learned that life is ever-changing.

She’s taught me that each day brings new challenges, adventures, and lessons. When waking each day with an open heart and flexible mind, the inevitable change seems somehow less daunting and more part of the flow of life.

My heart is filled to the brim with gratitude today for the last 5 years and all the lessons learned and for all that is yet to come.

With Love,
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