A Sneak Peek into the Nourishing Your Sacred Mama Spirit Detox

If you’ve been on the fence about joining us for the Nourishing Your Sacred Mama Spirit Detox, this is a reminder that we start on Wednesday so the time to register is NOW!
I want to give you a sneak peek at the detox.


By the end of the 3 weeks, if you follow through with everything we cover (and I promise it’s going to be really simple and easy steps), you will have gotten most of the toxins that you can control OUT OF YOUR HOME FOR GOOD!


You will also have a better understanding of what’s in your products and what’s important to avoid.


I want to share an exercise with you that is just a piece of what we’ll be covering. This is a really powerful way to start looking at the products in your home from a new perspective.


Here’s an example of what this exercise looks like.  I encourage you to try it yourself with one of the personal care products that you use most and see what comes up for you.


I’d love to hear how it goes.


What product did you look at?  What did you learn?  Share below in the comments and register for the detox here to learn more about what you can do next!


What’s In My Personal Care Products? WorksheetFor this exercise, you will need the ingredient lists for the 3 personal care products that you use most often (toothpaste, shampoo, soap etc).  Feel free to do this exercise with as many of the products that you use as you wish, but be sure to do it for the top three. 

Item # 1:


Tom’s of Maine Refreshing Lemongrass Deodorant


How often do you use this?



What do you love about it?

It’s an easy to use aluminum free deodorant that works for my body and fits within my budget.


Is there anything you don’t love about it?

Plastic container

Still too many ingredients that I don’t understand


In each column below, making sure to list all of the ingredients, put them in the proper column (by recognize, I mean that you can read it, you know what is it, and you know what purpose it serves in the product).

Ingredients that I recognize:                            Ingredients that I don’t recognize:

Water                                                                    propylene glycol

Organic Aloe barbadensis leaf juice                        sodium stearate

Natural fragrance (phthalate free)                        zinc ricinoleate

Organic Helianths annuus (sunflower)             glyceryl laurate

seed oil                                                            Humulus lupulus (hops) [CO2 extract]

                                                                        ascorbic acid

                                                                        organic Cymbopogon flexuosus oil

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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