Are You Comfortable with Discomfort?

Are you comfortable with discomfort?


empowered and confident living

Buying and wearing these boots were acts of stepping out of my comfort zone and into my confidence

Your first thought might be, of course not.


If you’re uncomfortable on the couch, you shift positions.

If there’s something in your shoe, you shake it out.


When you dig a little deeper, does the answer change?


Are you happy in your relationships?

Do you find the work you do fulfilling?

Are you nourishing your body with the food that makes you feel your best?

Do you feel confident and empowered in the decisions that you’re making?


Do you feel stuck?


Here’s the thing with moving forward on your journey (and this is true for all of us) – you can’t truly move forward unless you step outside of your comfort zone on a regular basis.


Staying within your comfort zone, even if it doesn’t make you happy, makes you feel safe.  You’re living in a world that you know.  You get used to the fighting, the grogginess, the headaches, the draining days at work and the compromises.


It can take a serious turn of events to push you into action sometimes, but it is so much better when it doesn’t come to that.


What does this have to do with your journey towards motherhood?  Everything.


When you step out of your comfort zone and into a place of growth, you gain confidence and empowerment, and you shed fear. 


With confidence, you make decisions that fully support your health and well being and create your path to fertile ground inside your womb.


With empowerment, you learn to trust your intuition and follow the path that feels most right for you.


Without the fear, you light up your life and step into an awakened place of being.


It’s a process.  All of it is.  But as Lao Tzu said, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


What step can you take today to journey outside of your comfort zone? 


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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