Are You Living Your Dreams or Someone Else’s?

are you living your dreams

She tries to teach me, and my body crumbles in a ball of tears.

Confusion, overwhelm, unconscious barriers block my way.

My defenses are up and my mind writes the falsehood that I will never knit.

After a while, she releases the dream she has for me, lets it go.

And then one day, years later, I get inspired all on my own.

I think I’m ready to learn, I tell her, and she lights up.

With that, in about thirty minutes, I begin my journey of learning to knit.

Little confusion, no tears, some laughter.

And so it goes.

You have to discover your dreams in your own time.

If someone else tries to pile their dreams on you, they’ll fall right off.

When they become your own, only then do they have a chance to flourish.

Take your dreams stitch by stitch.

Learn from the flaws.

Embrace the quirks.

Hold the world together with the only stitch that really matters – love.