Before we can begin, we have to get to the starting point

IMG_20150731_150853Yes, the practice of yoga extends far beyond the mat. It is the way we breathe, the way we face our struggles and our joys, the way we interact with others and of course with ourselves.

I believe the physical practice grounds us in all of this. In the physical practice, we ground down through out feet, our sits bones, our hands. We ground down in order to lift up, rise, and grow. Without the grounding, what do we have to build upon?

The physical practice forces us to do something that we spend most of our lives running from – it forces us to face ourselves.

You can create safe and sacred space on your yoga mat and it is in this space that you know you can let the world melt away. You can sink in and feel whatever arises. You can surrender the mental effort and learn to lead with your heart. You can trust that whatever arises is exactly what you need, and you can continue from that space to shine your truth.

All of this spreads out into your life in many ways. First, you must make it to your mat.

Now, this can be problematic for a lot of us because actually getting to the mat is sometimes the most difficult part of the practice. It takes a shifting of priorities and the ability to speak truth to your highest needs and desires.

The other day after class a student thanked me for acknowledging how difficult it can be to get to the mat. She expressed gratitude that I saw and understood that struggle.

Of course I do! I struggle just as much as the next person. There are days, weeks, months, when the struggle to the mat is stronger than others. And then I find my way back.

Once I am back I almost immediately sink into that place of, “oh right, this is why I love yoga so much.” It fuels me in so many ways, and I know it can fuel you too.

If you’re like so many of us who desire to practice and yet struggle with the act of making it to your mat, I’m excited to share that Creating Your Practice is open for registration again and we begin on September 13th, the final new moon before the autumnal equinox.

You can learn more and join us here. I hope you do.

With Love,
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