Being Present, Being Here

I picked up one of my Tarot decks this morning, in my morning silence, this quiet time for me as the day begins and Chloe is still in restful slumber.


This was significant.  Many years ago I bought a Tarot deck, being drawn to it.  I never did anything with it, it sat in a special place on my shelf, but just sat.  Years later, I found another deck to be calling me, and the first one now had a companion.  To sit.


I was drawn to them today, and as I peeled off the plastic wrapping from the deck I had chosen, that had chosen me, I wondered.  What took me so long to get here?  No matter, here I was.


I picked a spread to try, and as I shuffled the deck, felt the cards in my hands, I wondered how I’d know when to stop.  The cards started to slip, as new cards do, out of my hands.  It was time.


Each card, one at a time, revealing to me what I already knew, was already feeling, and I began to understand.


  • To be present in my life
  • To release the expectations that are burdening me
  • To open up to what I have invited into my life, because yes, here it is
  • To know that I am perfection right now, right where I am
  • To see the beauty in my connection with the world, with my soul
  • To have these cards open me up to what I knew but for some reason couldn’t tell myself


Yes, today is going to be beautiful.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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