Can You See It? The Power of Visioning Your Baby

infinite waterI just got back from a few days at the beach. Breathing in the ocean air, watching the waves come in, go out, come in again – these things always bring me a sense of peace even amidst turmoil. They are a reminder to me of how small and yet how infinite I am. Each drop of water seems so small but if these drops could think, and each one thought, “I am nothing. I am small. I am unimportant. I do not need to be here,” their lights would dim and the ocean would cease to be.

Just as the ocean needs each drop of water to be what it is, so to do we need each little moment of our lives to make up our greater experience, and so to does the world need each of us, to be part of the infinite and amazing.

It is when thinking about the infinite and amazing and about what is possible, that visioning has played an important role in my journey.

Sometimes it’s typing; sometimes it’s writing with pen and paper.

Sometimes the vision starts small and grows; sometimes it spirals inward.

Sometimes it’s quiet; sometimes the music must be rocking my body, my soul.

Sometimes it’s movement; sometimes stillness is what I seek.

Sometimes there’s thinking; sometimes there’s just flow.

Sometimes I begin; sometimes I end.

Always, I get to where I need to be in the moment.

Visioning is about sometimes. It is about coaxing the dream out of your heart, the one that is nestled deep in there, hidden and tucked away, blanketed by fear. It is about shedding light on that dream, on loving it up, on breathing life into it.

See it.

Hear it.

Smell it.

Taste it.

Feel it.

Live it.

You have the power sweet one, to take your dreams and turn them into reality. The big ones, the small ones. All of them.

Maybe you dream of awakening your mama spirit, that part of you that yearns to create, to grow, to nourish. I was talking to a client recently about mama spirit, and she said, “I want that!” “You have it,” I assured her. She does, and so do you.

It’s time to explore, to excavate the parts of yourself that have stayed hidden for so long – the passionate pieces of your soul that are longing for fresh air to breathe.

It sounds, and it probably feels, like a long and difficult journey. Remember that there is no real destination. Now is the destination, always. You go one step at a time, piecing together all that you’ve taught yourself throughout your life, and letting your beautiful life unfold.

Let go of the how, and embrace what you most desire.

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Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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