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Motherhood Starts with a Vision

Creating Fertile GroundIn the first week of Creating Fertile Ground, we will be setting the foundation and vision for our time together.

You will set intentions and begin to create the vision of what you want for your future.

One way that you will do this, if you join us, will be by writing a letter to your future baby.  This is a powerful practice that can help you to release what is holding you back, become more realistic with your expectations, and help you to create a road map to a healthy and empowered experience that is perfect for you and not just what others are telling you the experience is supposed to be like.

You will receive a mediation and some prompts from me to help get you started, but as with all aspects of this program, the power comes from what you make of it.

Creating a vision is such an important place to start because if you don’t know where you’re aiming to go, it makes it quite difficult to get there, right??

If you get behind the wheel of your car and don’t even know where your destination is, you will end up driving aimlessly, wasting time and money and getting frustrated and overwhelmed. The same is true with the journey to motherhood.

There’s a better way.  Of course, there are times when it’s nice not to have a destination, but this time you know your destination, at least roughly.  It is to be growing a baby inside you and to birth him or her into this world.  What does this place look like to you? 

We will explore this and with this vision created, you will be able to step into the rest of Creating Fertile Ground ready to build your unique road map.  It won’t look like anyone else’s and that’s the beauty of this program.

I will be sharing information with you that is foundational no matter what your road map looks like, while at the same time helping you discover what your individual needs are.

In a week, we start with the vision, and I hope you’ll be there to join us.

Ready to explore and enroll?  Click here.

Got questions for me?  Ask them in the comments below or here.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Listen to Your Body…

Listen to your bodyThe other night, I was asleep by 8 o’clock.  I woke a few times, briefly, for the things that hadn’t gotten done before my body chose rest — I fed the cats, put on my pajamas, slipped under the covers.

At any of those moments I could have decided that it was too early, that there were other things I could do, that although I aim for 10, 8 just didn’t feel like bedtime.

That night, it did. I wasn’t hungry. I didn’t feel the need or desire to clean, to work, to write or to read.  My body wanted rest.

For a moment, I worried that I would wake around midnight, unable to find sleep again.

I decided to chance it, to listen to the innate wisdom of my body.

Amazingly, I woke at 7am the next morning. My body knew.  I was tired.

When you tune into your body, when you allow its truth to trump your expectations, your assumptions, and those of others, you give yourself the opportunity to heal and grow.

Learning to listen to your body now will help you for the rest of your life.

Some days will be easier than others – it is a practice that you must continue to cultivate.

Honoring and trusting your body is the beginning of growing a strong relationship with yourself — the one person you can always count on no matter what.

Are you ready to take that step?

Creating Fertile Ground begins on May 6th, and I would love for you to be part of this incredible gathering of women.  You can learn more and register here.  Got questions?  Feel free to ask by contacting me here.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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The Power of the Full Moon as Catalyst for Change


Amy Gill Moon Rising

moon rising photo credit Amy Gill

The power of last night’s full moon was incredibly intense for me.  I could feel the shift into my power, into my ability to create change in my life.  I recognized clearly that I am the one who has the ability to let go of the pieces of the past that are holding me back, and that I am in control with what I do with my future.

This may seem like a simple message but it is one that we often miss, or that we often have difficulty integrating into our lives.

One area that you may feel wildly out of control but where you really hold so much control is in the ability to have an empowered, healthy, and joyful experience with conception and pregnancy.

I had such a blast on the free call Wednesday night.  We talked about the importance of preparing yourself before you conceive, what you can do right now and the importance of support as you reach for your dreams.

There was a wonderful group of women on the call and I realized that I wanted to give more women the chance to learn about this amazing time.  Take a look at the highlights of the call below, and if you want to learn more, hear the Q&A from the call, and get access to a special offer worth $50 (expires April 26th at midnight), click here.

 Why Preparing for Pregnancy Prior to Conception is Important

  • By the time you find out, you are usually at least 2 or 3 weeks pregnant.  During those few weeks, some seriously important development is happening with your baby. Your actions and what you put in, on and around your baby durng those early weeks and prior to conception can reduce the risk of developmental complications.
  • Building up your nutrient stores prior to conception (making sure you don’t have any significant deficiencies) can help ease your fears if you experience morning sickness because your baby will pull from the nutrients that you are storing.
  • According to a recent article published in the Journal of Women’s Health, “preconception care can modify behavioral and medical risk factors known to impact pregnancy outcomes.”

The 3 Steps to Building the Best First Home for Your Baby

  • Awareness – This is where I always start with my clients, because without it, you’ve got nothing.  I always stress this point – you can’t feel guilty about what you didn’t know.  We are all learning more every day but it does us no good to stay stuck in the past.  Bringing awareness to all aspects of your life is always the first step.  See the Awareness Exercise handout for more on this.
  • Action – Awareness without action won’t get you very far. It might stress you out a great deal, but it might not make a significant positive impact on your life.  Once you become aware you can start taking action to create shifts that make you feel more aligned with the life you want to be living. These can start small and don’t need to feel overwhelming.
  • Accountability – On your own, no matter how inspired you may be, taking consistent and long-term action to reach your goals is going to be difficult without some accountability and support.  This is because we tend to like our comfort zone, and we tend to fall back into repeating the same patterns that have kept us stuck for years, sometimes decades.  Sometimes what you need is someone to encourage your progress and to kick you into gear when you start slipping back into your old patterns.

How You Can Step Into the Role of Mama Right Now

  • Start implementing awareness, action, and accountability in your daily life.

Got questions? Leave a comment below or send an email to

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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It Goes Far Beyond Folic Acid…

It Goes Far Beyond Folic Acid…


If you are like I was, you may know long before you are ready to conceive that you want to be a mama.


With these feelings in your heart, perhaps you have started to ask some questions and to seek some answers.


If you brought it up to your health care provider, or if you searched the internet, there is one thing you were likely to find – take a folic acid supplement.


You may have also read that while you are preparing for pregnancy, it is a good idea to quit smoking, reduce alcohol intake and stop taking birth control.


When this information was shared with me about 6 years ago I remember thinking, “there has got to be more.”  And there was.


Folic acid (or folate if it comes in its naturally occurring form in food) is critical prior to conception because it can help reduce the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida.


Why is it important before conception?  Typically when you find out you are pregnant you have already been pregnant for at least a few weeks.  Those weeks are important for baby’s development and certain nutrient deficiencies can raise the risk of complications during this stage.


You have probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” You are also what you put in, on, and around your body, from food, to chemicals, to emotions, and they all play a role in fertility, and in creating the environment that will be your baby’s first home and first source of food.


There is so much you can now to start preparing for that time.  Are you ready to explore and learn more about this?

babies on the brain

On April 24th at 8 pm EST, I invite you to join me for a free call where you will learn all about why it is important and empowering to prepare yourself prior to conception. We will also start to explore what you can do to take the next steps on your journey.


This preconception time is not one that we often talk about because it is filled with excitement, fear, anxiety and frustration.  If you don’t know when you are going to start trying to conceive, you often don’t want to be talking about it even with close friends and family.


Know that there is space for you to talk about it on this call Wednesday night and within the community of women that is growing.


If you’re ready to join us, click here to register.  If you can’t make the call, rest assured that you won’t miss out because I’ll be sending out a recording.


If you are on the call, you will have the chance to win some great prizes, so I hope you can make it!


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Starting with the Why

we are the world cardWomen have always been having babies, and this will always continue.  This is the beauty of the community that grows around motherhood – we have an infinite well of wisdom to dip into and learn from. We are the bridge between generations and we have the power to support each other in a most unique way.


In conversations that I have had with women over the last two years and in a recent survey that I did of moms, the same theme keeps coming up – most of them believe that preconception is an incredibly important time, and they know that support during this time has the power to bring such ease to the journey.


Some of this knowledge comes from women who were in a place like I was – they knew they wanted to be mamas so they started learning what they could in order to enter into the experience from an empowered place.  But we all felt like something was missing – the element of support amidst an overwhelming sea of information.


Others came to this understanding through hindsight – “I wish I had someone who could have explained why this was important and what I could have done to make this experience better.”


Conception and pregnancy can be an incredible time, but without the right support it can feel overwhelming and filled with worry.  When you are able to understand the why without concerning yourself with the how just yet, your world opens to the possibility of all that can be and you can release what holds you back in the past.


On April 24th at 8PM EST I am going to teach you all about the why on a free call that I am offering – 3 Steps to Building the Best First Home for Your Baby: The Importance of Preparing for Your Future Baby Now!


By the end of the hour, you will understand the importance of beginning to prepare for your baby right now, you will know where you can be starting to take the next steps, and you will have discovered how.


The call is free and perfect for any woman who is dreaming about becoming a mama at some point in the future (whether it’s just around the corner or much farther down your path), and to women who are thinking about or preparing to expand their families.


Are you ready to spend an hour learning and growing?  Join us by clicking here.


Whatever you do, wherever you are on your journey, know that you are not alone – there is always a community of women ready to welcome you with open arms.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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What I Wish I Had Known When I Was Preparing for Pregnancy

meditateHave you ever thought about doing something for a really long time, but you keep putting it off again and again, and you are not even sure why?


When you finally make the commitment and make it happen, do you think, WOW, why didn’t I do that for myself sooner?


This has happened to me many times (it happened again recently as I made my way back to yoga).


It is wonderful when you finally take the step you have been meaning to take, but it can also lead to regret, to feeling like you wasted time.


I do not want you to feel that way.


I want you to feel like you are doing all you can to live the life of your dreams.


I want you to feel empowered to start taking care of yourself and your future baby right now because you can.


I want you to discover what it feels like to overcome your fears and live from a place of joy.


I spent a year and a half of my life in that “I Want One” phase, and a lot of it was really painful for me.


In the beginning, I was excited and ready to dive in and prepare myself in any way I can.  After a bit, when I realized that we were not going to start trying for quite some time, I fell into a place of despair.


I blamed myself for not being able to go after my dreams because of the job I had at the time.


I even got to a point where seeing babies went from elating to heartbreaking.


What I realized when I eventually dove back into preparing myself for pregnancy (6 months before we started trying to conceive), was that I could have been doing this all along.


I needed the space to process where I was in my life, but I gave myself a much shorter window to make some major shifts in my life, and the pressure of that stressed me out even more.


If I could go back and do something differently, I would seek support instead of just wondering why there did not seem to be any.


I would have seen my body as I do now – as a magical vessel for life and joy.


I would have reached out my hand to anyone who might have been able to support me.


These changes, these shifts, all come in their own time.  I recognize that it was part of my journey to have the experiences that I did, at the times that I did.


As a mama who has been there, I encourage you to reach out your hand for support, find your community, and do all you can to get to the place of living from an empowered and joyful place as soon as you can.


Why?  Because it is beautiful here.


If you are ready to join us, you can do so here.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Are You Wondering What These 8 Weeks Will Look Like?

creating fertile groundThis is about creating peace for you.


It’s about finding the trust within you and letting it shine in your life.


To start, you must take the first step, and Creating Fertile Ground can be that first step.


You will open up to greater awareness in those spaces that will let you find your flow as mama.


This may mean that you feel empowered to prepare your body for a healthy and joyful pregnancy.


This may mean that your fertility fears ease.


When you are a tight constricted ball of fearful and stressful energy, there is not space for creation.


When you open up to receive, when you release what is not serving you, and when you reach out for the support that can help you overcome whatever barriers you are facing, you step into that role of mama.


That is what these 8 weeks will be.


Simplicity is key, so you do not need to worry about feeling overwhelmed.


Are you having trouble imagining what the flow of this program will feel like and what it will look like in your life?


Each Monday evening, once you have had a chance to begin your week, you will have a new email from me with the content for the week. It will be recorded so that you can listen to it wherever and whenever you can find the time and space.  You will also get a written version if reading brings you more ease.


Flexibility and flow!


In addition to the content call, you will receive your action step for the week and any corresponding exercises and worksheets.  This is where you get to dig in and explore the content in a hand’s on way.


You will shift how you view some of your current habits, and you will start to bring awareness to what is working and what needs work.


This is my favorite part of Creating Fertile Ground because it is through these exercises that you really start to get to know yourself on a deeper level.


This self-discovery has the potential to uncover some deep blocks that have been with you for quite some time.


All of this comes together in our private online forum where you can connect with the other women in the program, share your successes and your struggles, and strengthen your community.


You also have access to me for a one-on-one session where we you can get some laser coaching from me to help dissolve some of your stuck points and help you move forward.  You can use this at any point throughout our 8 weeks together.


Are you still not sure if this is the right program for you to invest in?


You can read some FAQ here and always feel free to send me an email with any other questions you have.


We start in a little over 48 hours, and I am looking forward to connecting with you if this is the right next step for you!


Are you ready? Click here.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Is Your Fear Holding You Back from Your Dreams?

I Believe Womb to World WellnessDreams can be exciting, but they are often accompanied by fear, anxiety, and worry.

Sometimes you know exactly what you want – you can feel it, you can envision what your life will be like when you have it, but there is still something that keeps you from doing what you need to do to turn the dream into reality.

Fear can cloud your path like a dense fog. 

Think of the fog as all the little voices that are telling you your dream must be deferred.

You tell yourself the same stories over and over again.

You start to believe that now is not the right time.

Now is always the right time.

If your dream is to be a mama, to hold your baby in your womb and in your arms, you can become that woman right now.

Whether you start trying to conceive or actually get pregnant 2 days from now, 2 months from now, or 2 years from now, this moment can be the moment you start taking care of your child.

You can clean up your baby’s first home (your womb, your body) by releasing toxins and nourishing yourself with the foods that will heal your body and boost your fertility.

You can strengthen your body through movement that feels right for you.

You can tackle the biggest stressors in your life so they are not overwhelming you through this beautiful process.

You can nurture your relationships with yourself and others so you have a strong and loving community of support around you.

There is so much that you can do, right now!

It can feel like a lot, and you might not know where to start.

The Nourished Womb E-Letter is your starting place.  It is your next step on this incredible journey.

Are you ready to take that step? Click here if your answer is yes.

If you already receive The Nourished Womb and you’re looking for more guidance and support, send an email to xandra at wombtoworldwellness dor com and we’ll set up a time to chat.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Answers to Your Questions about Creating Fertile Ground

questions about 7 steps to increased fertility

I want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the decision that is right for you.


If you know you are ready to start taking care of your future baby, click here to register now.


Here are my answers to some common questions.  If you have questions that are not answered here please leave a comment below or email me at and ask me so I can help you find clarity and ease.


I have so much going on and I cannot imagine adding another thing to my to-do list.  How much time will Creating Fertile Ground require of me each week?


This has kept me from signing up for programs in the past, so I totally understand! I value your time, which is why I have streamlined the content to fit even the busiest of lifestyles.  Preparing yourself for pregnancy is really important.  It is one of those things that you just have to make the time to do.  You make it a priority and the time opens up as you need it.


You will need about 30 minutes each week to listen to the content call, plus as much or as little time as you want to go through the exercises and action sheets and to connect in the private online forum.


Remember that the more you put in, the more you will get out of the experience.  I would plan on about an hour each week.  Give yourself this gift.


Also, you will want to set aside 30 extra minutes at some point in the next 8 weeks to schedule your one-on-one session with me.


We are trying to save money wherever we can, because we know having a baby is expensive.  Can I really afford to invest in this program right now?


Yes, and here is why.  There is so much information out there and you can easily spend a ton of time reading books and searching out information that may or may not apply to you but it can certainly add to your fear and overwhelm.  Even if you borrow books from the library and use online resources, you have to think about how much value you put on your time.


Creating Fertile Ground simplifies this process for you.  You will spend the time bringing awareness to the key components to a healthy and empowered pregnancy.  Then, you will have the chance to learn more and make changes as they apply to you.


Love instead of fear, ease instead of overwhelm, and more time to feel excited as you dream of baby – what’s that worth to you?


Also, along the way, you are going to learn how preparing for a healthy and empowered pregnancy can actually save you way more than $250, so you will come out ahead from all that you learn.


From a numbers perspective, it breaks down to $31.25 a week, so skip a coffee, check the couch for some change, sell a piece of clothing you have not worn in months (or ever!), and you are on your way….


Can’t I just do this on my own?


Sure, you can.  Like I said above, it is going to take a lot of time and energy to do it on your own, and you might still feel lost and overwhelmed.  You might not even know where to start. I recently surveyed over 30 moms, and 87% of them said they would recommend that women seek support prior to conception.


Right now, you do not have hindsight. Trust the words of the women who have experienced this, and get some support.  It can save you a lot of hassle and heartache.


Do you have questions that I have not answered?  Ask away!


Are you ready to join us?  Click here to register now.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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Investing in Yourself is Self Care

When is the last time that you invested in yourself?


This can be a really difficult question to ask yourself, because often the answer is not for a while.


You spend so much time and energy caring for the ones you love.  That is one of the wonderful things about you – how much you care for others.


But in order to really care for others, you first have to care for, and take care of, yourself.


Investing in yourself is about making a commitment to yourself and your dreams.


What do you want most right now?


If everything else fell perfectly into place, what would be at the top of your list?


I remember when being a mama was at the top of my list.


Even though there were lots of other things that seemed like they had to come first, I realized that I had the power to commit to that dream and step into the role of mama right away.


There was so much information to navigate, and although I did it, it sometimes felt lonely and overwhelming.


support community for fertilityI wish I had a community of women to support me during this time, and someone to guide me, to ask me the questions that would help me really understand what was most important for me.


Creating Fertile Ground is just that – the community, the support, the guided path.


I know investing in yourself can feel scary – it is stepping outside of your comfort zone.  When you step outside of your comfort zone, you are taking the steps you need to truly grow and flourish.


In addition to the early bird savings of $50, I am offering a bonus one-on-one session for the next 5 women who register for Creating Fertile Ground. The discount and bonus go away March 25th at midnight, so now is the time!


If you are ready to commit to yourself and your baby, click here to register now.


If you still have some questions, email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to help you make the decision that is best for you.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,


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