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When I Need to Be Lifted Up, This is Where I Turn

I know with all the swirling energy around us right now, it can feel hard to know what we need. Do we need to rest and integrate? Take action and raise our voices? A little bit of both?

Self care is such an important aspect of sacred becoming, and I believe we are all in a space of grand becoming, of shifting energy.

In the spirit of gratitude and lifting ourselves up, I decided to use the blog this week to share some of my favorite people with you (this also makes for a great holiday wish list or shopping guide).

img_20160222_085208I can feel my energy shift when I put on one of the shirts that Hannah and Jenny of Coyote Loon have created. The power to surround ourselves, literally, by the messages we need most is astounding. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed and are looking for some ease and comfort, check out Coyote Loon.

When I have trouble sleeping, I reach for Sweet Repose by Plant and Spirit. I rub a little onto my wrists and sometimes temples, and the rest comes. These are the simple things that make the journey just a little easier, and sometimes just that tiny bit means so much.

img_20160426_162235Liz Lamoreux puts so much love into each piece that she creates. When I had been having visions of citrine, I knew I needed to surround myself with it. I wear the piece Liz made almost every day and sometimes I just browse her items to lift my spirits.

Melissa and I have a friendship that began in a loft in Providence Rhode Island. She has taught me so much about creating space for and stepping into dreams. She shares so much light with the world through her spirit and her art.

I never knew what it could feel like to order clothing that was custom made for me. It felt like such a luxury, and there was fear inside of it too. What if I didn’t like it? What if it didn’t fit as I had hoped? When I took the leap and ordered from Conscious Clothing, I discovered how amazing it could feel. There is something truly special knowing that the clothing hugging my body was made with love and care especially for me.

Sometimes we find just the people and practices we need, at just the right time. I feel like that’s what happened for me when I met Kate Brenton. I was at the Philly Chant and Yoga Festival and from my booth I was watching her do this unusual-to-me massage on people all day. I got super curious and finally signed up for a Lomi-Lomi massage. A few days later I went for a full session. I don’t know if I can’t put the power of my time with her into words, so if you’re local to the Philly area, just take my word for it and go check her out!

I have a feeling I’ll be sharing more posts like this in the coming weeks, because I think it’s important to share with you what fills me back up, what carries me through the hurt and pain.

And I’d love for you to share in the comments some of the people, products, or practices that help guide you back to taking care of yourself.

When I’ve Been Chasing My Muse All Day and I’m Tired

Suddenly after an entire day of chasing my muse, I knew what I needed to do. I needed fresh perspective.

img_20161017_113840I moved the vacuum cleaner, the table covered in things, the dust on the floor, and I placed my yoga mat by the only real bit of open wall space in our home.

I placed my forearms on the ground, fingers interlaced, head cradled in my hands.
I took three full,
deep breaths.



I pressed into my feet, lifting myself into an upside down V and took another
three full,
deep breaths.

I walked my feet in slowly, felt my hips align over my shoulders, and allowed my body to slowly,
in its own time,

One foot gently tapped the wall, followed by the other, and I let them float away, occasionally steadying themselves against the wall, until I was ready to

I took three full, slow, deep breaths in child’s pose, finding gratitude for this pause, for this reconnection, for this shift in perspective.

I went back to my desk and collected the beads, gently placing them away for the night.

I realized that all day I had been searching for words when what I needed was movement into stillness.

Because sometimes the practice of sacred becoming, with all of its vulnerability and gratitude, means giving ourselves permission to pause, to notice that we can decide the day’s work is done, to allow the movement to be the path to stillness, and to honor ourselves with compassion and patience.

This is a journey that is not complete in a single day. And even though it’s challenging at times, I’m grateful that I get to wake up tomorrow and keep traveling this path.

For the month of November we’ll be traveling the path through gratitude. Come join us.

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is not always as simple as it may sound, and the benefits are far beyond what we may think.  Watching Chloe explore her world each day reminds of just how much we often take for granted.  There are so many things that we don’t think about until they become compromised in some way – breath, mobility, shelter, food, health, family and friends, just to name a few.  When we take good care of ourselves, we don’t usually think to be grateful for our decisions, but we should be.  It’s important to be grateful to those around us as well, and there are many ways to express our gratitude for others and ourselves.  Here are three of them.

Words – A sincere and heartfelt thank you, whether verbal or written, can mean a lot to someone.  It shows them that you recognize and appreciate them, which can powerfully impact his or her self worth.  What’s more, a study by positive psychologists Adam M. Grant and Francesca Gino revealed that being thanked increased a person’s sense of social worth.  This shows that taking the time to thank someone can have a major impact, not just on the people directly involved, but also on others who may come into contact with them.  The next time you find yourself feeling grateful for something, write a thank you note.  Do this when you are grateful for someone else and when you are grateful for yourself.  Notice how it feels in each situation to write the note, and in the latter case, to receive it from yourself.

Actions – Another excellent way to express gratitude is to take it a step beyond words and move into action.  You can express gratitude for a loved one by doing something that you know will reduce their stress, like cleaning up before a spouse gets home so they can enter into a clean house and relax and unwind from their day.  Maybe you love to cook and you have a friend who would rather be anywhere but the kitchen – making them a home-cooked meal is a wonderful way to express your gratitude for their friendship and love.  Whatever action you take, know that it will be appreciated by whoever receives it because it is heartfelt and personal.

Paying it forward – Have you seen the film Pay It Forward with Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment?  It’s one of my favorites.  The idea the film is based on is that of paying a good deed forward to three new people.  When someone does something for you, you can of course thank them in any way that you wish, but then you take it beyond that.  You find a way to help three more people out in some way – it can be as small as holding a door open with a smile for someone, or as big as you can dream.  The point is, you are spreading the joy of gratitude to others.  If all that happens is you brighter someone’s day a little more, you’ve done a lot. How can you pay it forward starting today?

Wishing you a season full of gratitude.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,