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I Am Pursuing Subtle Threads

IMG_20160719_160333Each bead, like each part of the self, holds its own energy. Each bead is unique in color, in exact size, in design. Each bead is a reflection of what has come before and holds the promise of what is yet to come.

As I pick them up, hold them gently in my hands, begin to place them side by side, I begin to see the story that they tell together.

This one pulls out the color of that one. Contrast can sometimes create powerful energy, and sometimes more consistency allows for a sense of calm.

Each one of us is made up of many parts, whether we label them or not. The stories of who we have been, of who we think we are, of who we are becoming, are similar in a way to the beads. They can feel similar to one another, they can feel separate, they can lead us to feel like we are struggling to find a way to hold it all together, to see how all of these pieces fit.

There are the beads, and then there is the thread.

The thread that holds them all together while still allowing each bead space to breathe, to contribute its own energy to the whole.

And it makes me wonder sometimes about the thread that holds all of my parts together….

“I’m searching for the thread that holds it all together,” I said recently to some friends. In the days that followed I realized that I am that thread. All the parts of me are held together by the essence of who I am, that which is beyond the labels.

I am mama. I am wife. I am daughter. I am yoga teacher. I am writer. I am coach. I am mala maker. I am friend. I am all of this and more. These are the beads of self and I am the thread.

Why We Practice Sacred Ritual

Ritual ImageAs you begin to rewrite your stories, to shape your future, to step into your sacred becoming, you can often feel uprooted and ungrounded. Everything around you can feel as if it is changing all at once and that can leave you feeling out of control.

These are the moments that show the importance of ritual.

If nothing else, ritual can give you a place to land, an opportunity to catch your breath, a reminder that there is some steady ground underfoot.

When you look back over history, you see rituals during times of transition all the way from birth to death.

To me, Sacred Ritual is about calling forth the rituals that ground you, that bring deeper meaning to your days, that allow you to have a connection that feels like home when the world is swirling around you.

Knowing that each morning, with rare exception, I begin my day with morning pages and lemon water, gives me at least something each day that I can count on, that can make me feel sacred, that allows me to take deep care of my needs.

Knowing that when I feel stuck and overwhelmed I have rituals I can turn to that have pulled me out of a funk before, I am reminded that this moment is just another part of the cycle and it will ease.

Knowing that when I can feel myself stepping into a new iteration and the fear and doubt begins to creep in, I can turn to my rituals to guide and reassure me.

Knowing that when something must come to an end – a project, a situation, a life, I have a place to rest in comfort and to rebuild that feels like home to my soul.

We practice Sacred Ritual Everyday so that the loops life throws at us don’t unhinge us quite so much.

We practice Sacred Ritual Everyday so that we can gel the rhythm and flow and be guided back more quickly when we fall off course.

We practice Sacred Ritual Everyday so that we are reminded constantly that we are sacred vessels, that this journey is powerful though not always easy, that there is a cycle and a flow to all of it.

These are the Sacred Rituals that Ground my Day

I do my best to stay technology free.

Sometimes I can’t wait to check my note from the Universe and daily Truthbomb

Morning pages happen with these pencils and this journal (almost always)

Lemon water in a favorite mug. Here’s one I have my eye on (because like books, I believe you can never have too many mugs).

Probiotics and breakfast, which varies depending on what my body asks for (often it’s this).

I check my planner to see what needs to get done first.

After I bring Chloe to school, I choose some music (this is my current favorite song), and dive in.

In what sacred ways do you begin each day? I’d love for you to share in the comments here or in the Sacred Becoming Sanctuary.

With Love and Gratitude,
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Letting Go: The Experience Can Be Joyful and Painless

cloudsLetting go is often thought of as a negative, painful experience, but it doesn’t have to be.  When you view letting go as a way to make space for growth, for what your future can be, instead of feeling like you have to relinquish the past, it can actually invoke a feeling of joy.


There are many times in our lives when we are faced with letting go: becoming a mama, changing jobs, moving, the death of a loved one, shifts in relationships with friends.  All of these experiences can be difficult and cause us to identify ourselves in new ways.  Going through these experiences does not mean that we let go of our old identity, the stresses of our old job, our connection to an old home, a loved one, or a friend.  These linger with us, and sometimes the energy that they drain from us keeps us from moving forward in our lives.


It’s been over 15 years since I was in that place that I preserved through emails, letters, and journal entries.  I’ve long been gone from there, but part of me had never left.  By making the decision to physically break a tie that bound me to a big part of my past, I was able to actually let go.  When I’d thought about getting rid of those papers in the past, it felt like I couldn’t do that, like I had to hold onto them.  I can’t even pinpoint why, but perhaps it was so I had them as proof of what I’d made it through.  Living my life how I want to live it is proof enough for me now, and releasing the reminder of pain made the letting go painless.


Letting go does not mean forgetting.  It doesn’t mean never looking back.  It doesn’t mean that these experiences become less of who you are.  Letting go releases you from being controlled by the past and instead offers you space to grow into the person you want to be in the future.


Perhaps you will choose to create your own letting go ritual.  Maybe it will be as often as every full moon, or maybe you will save it for big life changes or just when it feels right.  Guide yourself to what helps you to let go so that you can be open to whatever your life brings you next, ready and waiting with joy in your heart.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,


Letting Go: Space Opens for Growth to Begin

open spaceWhen you let go of physical items, you can see that space opens up for new things to enter into your life, whether that means new objects or the peace of mind that having some empty space brings you.  When you let go of internal “stuff,” not only does space open for new things, but for growth as well.


When we fill ourselves with worry, anxiety, old fears and experiences, a lot of energy is used and can hold us back from moving forward.  When we can release what is no longer serving us, not only do we sometimes feel lighter, like we are no longer carrying a heavy burden on our shoulders, but we can more clearly see the path in front of us.


Even before I burned those old letters, setting the intention to do so, being okay with it, shifted things for me.  It changed my perspective.  I think I had always assumed that this time in my life would always be part of me, part of how I defined myself.  The idea had never arisen that I could let go and move on from this place of pain.


I could feel, just from the decision to release, that I was creating space for what I wanted my future to be.  For so many years I spent time worrying about when those down times would come back to me.  They haunted me like something inevitable waiting around the corner.  By letting go, I gave myself permission to grow into the person that I want to be instead of staying the same scared person of my past.


What growth can you allow for in your life by letting go?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,


Letting Go: The Ritual Can Exist in Your Heart

heartThe best way I can think of to explain this piece of letting go is to share some of my recent experience with you.  I recently heard the suggestion of writing during bad moods, bad times, and then burning them on the full moon.  This idea resonated with me, and helped me to realize that I was ready to let go of a time in my life more than 15 years ago that I’ve been holding inside me.


So I knew I had a lot of papers that I wanted to burn, but figuring out where to do this was the difficult part.  We live in a condo, and I didn’t think I could do it safely there.  Ideally, I knew, that I would be somewhere quiet and alone where I could make this space for myself.  As it turned out, the fireplace at my parent’s house made the most sense.  So with the background noise of my mom, husband and daughter, and later with an interruption from my dad, I let go of my past.


There was still ritual as I looked into the fire, watched the papers curl and burn, quietly spoke my mantra over and over again.  I let go of my past to make space for the future.  I let go of the past to make space for the future.  And there was ritual in the gathering.


I decided that I didn’t want to re-read everything – too time consuming, too emotionally draining.  I went through stacks of papers and journals fairly quickly, but here, for this part of the process, I was alone and quiet.  I was able to be aware of what a huge step forward this was, and it released any feelings of uncertainty that I may have had.  By the time I was at my mom’s burning the papers, it was the most natural thing I could be doing, I felt it in my heart, and that was all that mattered.


As with many things in life, we often get so caught up on the situation being perfect and we tie that to our notion of whether something was a success or not.  This process was good practice of letting that idea go.  Another good time to let the idea of perfection go is when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.  Knowing what the experience means for you in your heart and staying connected to that feeling is what is most important.  The rest will shift, and that’s perfectly okay.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,


Letting Go: You Have to Be Ready

fireThere are times in our lives when we are forced to let go regardless of whether or not we are ready.  At some level, we’ve let go.  To fully release and make space though, we have to be ready.


What does it mean to be ready?


  • The idea of moving forward and not looking back brings you calm, not fear.


  • You recognize that things of your past no longer serve you where you are in your life.


The signs that you are ready may be subtle or they may be quite clear.  Maybe you have a nagging feeling that you would be better off if you could finally let go of something that happened in your past.  Or maybe you feel the urge, as I did, to purge and burn old letters and emails that were reminders of a you that is no longer true.


An interesting thing happens when you find yourself ready to let go of one thing – you start to realize you are ready to let go of much more.  It’s almost like it becomes addictive, and then you are eventually left feeling clearer, and closer to your truer self.


Being ready is not something that you can force yourself into, it must come organically, or you’re not really ready.  The beauty of being ready to let go means that you are open and receptive to new experiences.

Letting Go In The Light of the Full Moon


full moonI recently made the decision to physically let go of a period of time in my past.  It took me almost two decades to get to this point, but I knew that I was ready and this was something that I had to do in order to move forward with my life.  It did not come easily, but it was not a struggle.  It was part of a long, unfolding process.

It took some work to get the fire started, but once I did, I got to see the beauty dancing in the flames.  Blackened edges of paper and then they were suddenly curled up and consumed by the flames.  As I added more papers, the heat grew and I could feel the release deep within my being.

Here is what I’ve come to learn about letting go:

  • You have to be ready.
  • The ritual can exist in your heart.
  • Space opens for growth to begin.
  • The experience can be joyful and painless.

More on these in the days to come….