Cleaning Up My Cleaning Routine

If you’ve been following my journey from the start and then into my toxic bathroom, you might be wondering what came next….


I was gaining confidence, feeling like I was making some of the changes I wanted to make to be healthier in areas that I hadn’t really thought about before, and that felt really good.


I knew that I wasn’t slathering myself with toxic chemicals daily, and I was ready to look to other parts of our home to bring more healthy change.  I found cleaning supplies to be similar to the bathroom products – I could start by finding a few new ones that I felt more comfortable with and get rid of the old stuff.


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I started with brands like Seventh Generation and Ecover, and over time I have found more products that I like, including Eco Nuts for laundry.  One shift that’s still in progress is making my own cleaning products, but I’m getting there.  A simple 50/50 solution of vinegar and water with a few drops of lemon essential oil has been my go to cleaner recently.



Once again, I found myself stuck with all of these products that I didn’t want to be using anymore, and I knew it wasn’t safe to just flush them or throw them out, so I had to think about a creative solution.


The answer came when we hired people to come and clean our home.  They used our products at our request, but before they left, I gave them a huge box of all the stuff I was getting rid of.  It was perfect – these were products that they were still going to use, because their company wasn’t about to turn green, so I didn’t feel guilty passing my chemicals onto them.


With a cleaner home, I really wanted to tackle the clutter.  This was a major struggle for us, and honestly, one that we’re just finally getting under control in recent months.  I had this vision of a perfectly clean, clutter free home by the time I got pregnant.  Chloe’s almost 2 1/2 and we’re almost there.  These things take time, but what’s most important is setting the intention.


What I discovered when it came to clutter was that this was a more difficult shift than simply switching some products.  These patterns of buying, accumulating, and not being able to let go were ingrained in us for many years, and it was difficult to shift away from these habits.


It wasn’t until Chloe was around that I really felt more incentive to change in this area of my life.  I didn’t want her to grow up around tons of “stuff”.  I wanted her to have space to use her imagination, to play, to explore.  And I was tired of picking things up off the floor when she pushed piles off of the table (what can I say, it’s an honest truth).


Clearing the clutter may not seem like getting rid of a toxin, but it is on a few levels


Clutter collects dust, much of which is made up of toxic particles that disintegrate from items we have around our homes, from furniture to electronics.  By reducing clutter, cleaning up that dust becomes much easier.


Speaking of ease, it feels so good to me to walk into my bedroom and night and not see piles of clothing and all the other random stuff that used to find its way in there.  It feels wonderful to walk through my front door, see empty space inviting me to play with Chloe, or a couch that’s not covered in stuff allowing me to relax.  My almost clutter free space is not just making space in my home, but also in my mind.

Are you ready to gain control in your home and clear the toxins and the clutter?  


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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