Client Love

“I just want to thank you for always saying the right thing at the right time. Your words always have a way of lifting me up when I need it the most and I have a hard time asking the universe for guidance.” – Gabrielle

“When I first started working with Xandra I felt excited to start this work but also a little nervous. It was daunting to try to open up to someone with whom I hadn’t spent any real face time with and work through a lot of layers of fear, need, and expectation. My husband and I had started to talk about having children and while I knew I wanted to be a mother, I wasn’t comfortable talking about it or even thinking too hard about the reality of being a mom. I knew I wanted to prepare, but wasn’t quite sure where to begin or how to even say, “I want to have a baby”.

Three months later I feel like one of the best decisions I could have made to prepare for being a mom, was to start working with Xandra! When we began working together, it really helped to open me up to how I really felt about starting a family (outside of what society and my peers expect me to feel) and gave me the courage to face some fears. I feel confident in my ability not only to have a baby, but to become a mother.

I know I have grown through this work because I can see the huge change in perspective from our first conversation: how uncomfortable I felt about even saying out loud that I was wanting to be a mother, to now, making plans to start our family and feeling confident that we’re making the choice informed, prepared, and able.

My favorite part of working with Xandra has been doing the work she assigns and then going over it during our calls and emails. Doing the assignments helps me to get to a point where I know I’m starting to learn something and going over it through calls and emails helps to uncover parts of learning and growth that I might miss on my own.

I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about becoming a mother and who wants to feel like she is preparing mentally, physically, and emotionally for the transformation.”

– Regina

“A space unfolds with Xandra where you feel aligned and validated. To look a challenge- which is really just an obstacle- straight in the face and ask, “do I want you any more? what will my life be like without you?” Her gentle guidance on the “I want one” program helped me realize I was holding onto, and could let go of, obstacles at my own pace. Thank you for your caring and supportive guidance, Xandra!”

Samantha Honey-Pollock,

“I am so happy to have been a part of this course and to have met you, Xandra! I appreciated the opportunity to slow down (when I had the time) and to take a look at the products in my home. You have lit a fire under me that will lead to a safer home that will make me happy and more relaxed. I am using up most of the products I have and plan on using your worksheets as a guideline to set up my new home. Thank you for all of your hard work and passion!”

Kerry Burki

“Thank you Xandra, you are helping me get back to my essence. You are a blessing.”

Jodi M, Health Coach, NYC

“Thank you Xandra for creating space for me so I could introspect. You helped me to see how I can get myself out of the pattern of feeling stuck by focusing on changing one thing at a time, especially when it comes to things about food and de-cluttering my space. So many of the topics that you cover really hit home.”

Nancy B. Ryan

“I signed up for the “I Want One” week long program because I feel that pulling that you described. I’ve been feeling it for a long time. I got married a few weeks ago and it seemed like perfect timing to start thinking more seriously about fulfilling that pulling feeling. The program has definitely given me the confidence to start making shifts, as opposed to radical changes. It has helped me frame my next life step in a way that is not filled with anxiety. I have the feeling I will be starting a family sooner rather than later.”


“Xandra, how happy I am that you have come into my life. Would that you had done so before I got pregnant with my second…. I love that you hold us so gently on the journey.

Sheila Pai