Consistency is Key

IMG_20150809_085700I am deeply grateful that we gave our daughter an unstructured summer before she begins Kindergarten in a couple of weeks. She got to spend a lot of time with my mom during which she made her first quilt, discovered that she loves to run (she’s already planning her first marathon), and explored Morris Arboretum as told us that she wants to live there.

I am deeply grateful that I got to spend much of July teaching yoga, fully immersing myself in this new path that fills me up, and that I had a flexible schedule that allowed for all of our August traveling.


As we get closer to the start of the school year I am looking forward to something so intensely – reintegrating rhythm and ritual and consistency.

I will admit, and I know I am not the first yoga teacher to admit this, that my personal practice dwindled with the lack of order that existed this summer. As I look to my favorite season as a beautiful time for renewal, I know part of that is a renewal of my commitment to make it to my mat for myself, and to inform my teaching.

Consistency is a funny word and I think a lot of the time it can trip us up because we add so much judgement to it. In Creating Your Practice, we spend time focusing on a new understanding of consistency. I will share prompts with you that help you to discover what consistency means to you in a way that it can really become part of your ritual and rhythm.

Consistency is not an absolute. It does not mean that it is so set in stone that you will get down on yourself when you do not follow through. You will learn to create a consistency that you desire to follow through with and that you can return to again and again, knowing that there is always and ebb and flow to this journey of life.

I am all about making yoga accessible to everyone in a way that supports and safe and fulfilling practice. That’s why Creating Your Practice is just $27 – because I do not want the investment to be another barrier between you and your practice.

As I begin to renew my own rhythm and ritual this fall, I hope you’ll join me. All you need is a yoga mat and a willing heart.

With Love and Gratitude,
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