Creating Your Practice

Creating Your Practice from Xandra O’Neill on Vimeo.

 I’ve lived it and I’ve heard it –

often the hardest part of yoga practice is getting to your mat in the first place.

Get to your Mat

The first seeds of yoga were planted in me about 12 years ago while I was living half a block from a yoga studio. I decided to check it out, took a private class with the studio owner and something in me shifted.

The years that followed found me in an ebb and flow relationship with my yoga mat and physical practice.

I know what it’s like to know what you want to do and still somehow not do it. I went from a year and a half of consistent yoga practice to nine months with no practice. Teachers would move, studios would close, schedules would change – my brain would use any excuse to keep me from my mat.

What kept growing, what never went away, was this connection to body and spirit that I had finally discovered how to cultivate on my own terms.

The places I practiced and the people I practiced with became deep parts of me. They forever changed me and showed me that yoga was a doorway to something much deeper – it was a way to walk the path back home to myself.

What yoga does for my soul, for my ability to live this sacred life the way I want to and know I can, always brings me back.


Creating Your Practice is about exploring your practice – what it means to you to have consistency, how your yoga serves you, what gets in your way, and how your time on the mat has the power to transform your life off the mat.


 This is about discovering what you want from your practice, and in turn, what you want from yourself – and how to get it.


This exploration comes lovingly through prompts every other day for 20 days. I contemplated doing it in 10 and realized I want to give you the space to feel, to explore, to sink into what comes up for you.

This exploration is your invitation to set your foundation for your yoga practice, for your life, for your sacred becoming.

:: You will explore what consistency means to you, what your practice looks like on and off the mat, what you desire from your practice and so much more.

:: You will have the opportunity to write, to vision (we’ll talk more about that if it’s new to you), to move your body, and to let it all settle.

:: We will gather in a Facebook group so you have a space to share what’s revealing itself to you and to connect with others.

:: You can take it at your own pace and know that I’ll be here to guide you for these 20 days, and if you’d like my support beyond that time, there will be the chance for that too.

Make this commitment to yourself and watch your practice deepen and grow.

Who is this for?

:: those who are trying to find their way into their yoga practice for the first time and are looking for a gentle path

:: the many who have found their way to their mat, and away, and back again, and are looking to create consistency

:: experienced yogis who are looking for a way to deepen their practice of sacred becoming

What others are saying…

I found Creating Your Practice helped me move daily in ways that supported my well-being. Xandra has a gentle, encouraging style that is like a good friend joining you on the mat. – Tanya

Creating Your Practice is a beautiful spark of inspiration! I loved the combination of Xandra’s brief messages with a simple posture and prompt for reflection. I felt more grounded just by reading the emails! As a working mom juggling many roles, I appreciated that the program was designed to fit easily into my busy day. Creating Your Practice is simple, yet powerful! – Mindy