Do You Know What You Believe?

I Believe Womb to World Wellness


I believe that pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are beautiful.


I believe every woman deserves to feel empowered by her own body.


I believe that with patience, balance, and love (of self and others), all things are possible.


I believe that mama and baby both need to be nurtured and nourished.


I believe that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood look different for every woman.


I believe every woman can trust her own body.


I believe every woman has power deep within that makes anything possible.


I believe the childbearing years are the time women are most in need of support.


I believe information is helpful, but knowledge is powerful.


I believe in every woman’s right to decide what pregnancy, birth, and motherhood looks like to her, in an environment of love and support and not criticism and judgement.


I believe our babies know more about what we are capable of than we do, and that we need to learn to give ourselves more credit.


I believe in meeting women where they are and offering them the support they need, whether that comes in the form of information or a listening ear.


I believe in the power and nourishment of whole, fresh food.


I believe in the importance of learning how to take control of what we can so that we worry less about what we can’t. 


I believe in the importance of a woman knowing where she wants to be so she can create a path to get there.


I believe “perfection” is an ideal vision that we struggle with, and to fall into balance as a mama means letting go of “what I want in an ideal world” and stepping into “what can be in the world I live in.”


What do you believe?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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2 thoughts on “Do You Know What You Believe?

  1. Lauryn

    These are beautiful things to believe Xandra! I find that every day I get closer and closer to finding out what I believe…I am a work in progress:)


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