Eating Locally

It’s starting to feel like an overabundance of greens around here but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Greens are such an important part of our diet that we often overlook, so I’m grateful that I’m getting lots of them, nice and fresh.

Wednesday is the pick up day for the CSA, and also the day of one of my favorite area farmer’s markets – The Oakmont Farmer’s Market in Havertown PA.  We pick up our bag of CSA produce and then head over to the market to get some extras.

So how did yesterday go, despite the overwhelming heat?  Wonderfully!

My mom and I have been enjoying preparing dinners together and last night was no exception.  I planned and she cooked while I played with Chloe and watched her devour some local organic strawberries.

We had a delicious salad with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  We also used up the last of the broccoli from last week and some sweet potatoes in a Thai noodle stir-fry.

We found out yesterday that next week will probably be the last week for strawberries from the farmers that we get them from, so we bought some extras to freeze, which is so easy.  We cut off the tops, and popped them in the freezer!  A couple of tips for freezing strawberries – The ones that we got are organic and not sprayed with anything, so the farmer recommended not rinsing them unless they had visible dirt on them.  That way they won’t get icy in the freezer.  We first froze them on baking sheets so that when we bagged them they didn’t all freeze together.

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