Filling Meal with Fall Farmer’s Market Finds

I went to my mom’s last night for dinner after an incredible yoga practice, and she had cooked the most delicious meal from our CSA and farmer’s market finds this week.

At the farmer’s market, we bought a soup mix of mushrooms, which she used for a a recipe she had just read in the newspaper.  It’s been a long journey for me when it comes to foods, and mushrooms are the most recent addition to what I’ve started to enjoy.  I am so glad, because this soup was filling and so yummy!

We also had a small arugula salad with greens that we just got at the farmer’s market yesterday so they were incredibly fresh.

Rounding out the meal was sphaghetti squash with roasted potatoes, carrots, garlic and kohlrabi.  We just recently tried kohlrabi for the first time (we were intrigued by the beautiful purple vegetable when we saw it at the market and we had to check it out) and it’s already become one of my favorites.  I smashed some of the roasted garlic into my spaghetti squash and ate it with alternating bites of the root veggies. 

The meal was a wonderful balance of color, texture, and flavor that filled us up and satisfied many of out nutritional needs.

It is amazing how simple it is to find inspiration from a trip to the farmer’s market, and how nice it is to share a hearty meal with family and loved ones.  As the regular farmer’s market season winds down, I encourage you to get out to the last few weeks, find something new, ask your farmer for a suggestion, and create a delicious meal.

In many areas, winter markets are starting to pop up so you can enjoy fresh and local foods year round.  You can check out Local Harvest for options in your area.

Peace, love, and wellness,


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