Finding Peace, Ease, and Green Living at Clover Market

clover market

My mom and I look forward to Clover Market every spring and fall, so we were excited to hear that they added a winter market to this year’s schedule.


For those of you who are not local, Clover Market is a gathering of some amazing crafters and artisans sharing their stories and  creations with the Philadelphia area.  In the spring and summer, Clover is outside in Ardmore PA, and it is always a wonderful time spent outside.


I wondered what the atmosphere would be like when the event moved inside, and although it did have a different feel, it was still great to be surrounded by so much creativity.


One of my favorite parts of Clover Market is feeling like I get to reconnect with old friends.  There are vendors who I look forward to seeing every time, whose booths bring me a sense of internal peace and calm. The conversations, the connections, and the amazing products that they have to offer the world cut deep to my soul every time.


Clover Market


Darren and Jacquellyne of Green Pad Living and I made instant connection many Clover Markets ago when we discussed our shared passion of non-toxic living.  Not only do they have amazing organic soaps, but they share a beautiful collection of reclaimed furniture. Each market, I find myself circling back to their booth to take in the incredible scents and wonderful conversation.


Clover Market


Sean and Kristi of Payton Woodcraft have a special energy about them, and they infuse that energy into each piece of jewelry they create together. There’s something magical that pulls me into their booth each time, and yesterday, I finally treated myself to a piece of their jewelry.  It took me so long because quite honestly, I could never decide which piece to get.  Yesterday, a simple silver necklace with the message follow youbliss spoke to me deeply, and now it lives around my neck and close to my heart as a constant reminder.





As you know, my eyes tend to find their way to all things baby and green living, and there was no shortage of either yesterday.

Clover Market

Dools Handmade had booties and barrettes that you’ll love for your kids, and if you’ve got babies on the brain, will make your heart swoon.


Art Star had some wonderfully creative pieces, including the ‘Sweet Dreams Little One’ piece that I couldn’t resist getting for Chloe.


Although not for kids, Kim Malm of Dollhouse Fossils had some pieces that are perfect for the nursery, or for evoking dreams of your future child.  I was amazed at these pieces because they were like nothing I’d ever seen before and they take such meticulous attention to detail and care.


Everywhere you look at Clover Market, you see vendors who are bringing new life to old things and doing what they can to lessen their impact on the environment. From antique vendors bringing new life to old items, to nontoxic products, and creative art and jewelry, I saw it all yesterday.

Clover Market


Greenmarket Purveying had some of the most amazing smelling candles, using all natural fragrances from plants, soy wax, and cotton wicks.  They had a busy booth, and it wasn’t hard to understand why. I meant to come back and purchase one of the Balsam + Feather candles and it slipped my mind by the end of my wanderings.  I look forward to getting one in the future, because the scent was incredible.


Clover Market


I had a wonderful time talking to Colleen Attara, who makes use of plastic that would otherwise be sitting in a landfill.  She has made connections with businesses to create opportunity for recycling and fun art! The joy she brings to her work is evident in her personality and her work. Some of these pieces will certainly be gracing my walls in the future, filling my home with joy and inspiration.





This was my self care for Sunday.  Spending time with my mom, soaking in the creativity and joy that filled the Armory.  Steps towards self care don’t need to be big and they don’t need to cost a lot of money.  All that is required is that they make you feel peace, ease, and a stronger sense of self.


If you were at Clover Market, I’d love to hear who your favorite vendors are, so feel free to share in the comments below!


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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