Finding Support When You’ve Got Babies on the Brain

You’ve probably thought about your biological clock, and if it’s ticking yet or not.

If you know it’s ticking, you know.

It makes the movies, and some articles online, but it’s not something that comes up much in general conversation.


When you feel that desire, that yearning to become a mother, it’s not exactly something you shout from the rooftops.  It often becomes a secret growing inside of you.


Perhaps you’re not sure if your partner is ready.
Maybe you don’t even have a partner right now.
You might be worried about money or how life changing this experience will be.
You certainly can’t predict exactly when you’ll get pregnant, so it feels early to be sharing these feelings of desire.


One thing you don’t have to worry about is being alone and feeling overwhelmed.


One thing you can be sure of is that other women have traveled this path before you, and their wisdom and support can help you create your own unique map for this incredible journey.


Stay tuned this week to learn about how I’m bringing a wonderful group of women together to share their wisdom.


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Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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