Finding the Flow

We’re trying a new sleep routine with Chloe.  Well, I should say we’re trying a sleep routine with Chloe.  We never really had one, and it seemed to work pretty well for everyone involved.  Most of the time.  Except for those days when I’d spend hours trying to get her to nap, and I was the one left feeling exhausted.



Looking back, this style seems to be more than a parenting style, but a lifestyle for me.  Even when I knew that I wanted to prepare myself for healthy conception and pregnancy, I didn’t go to extremes.  I didn’t diet.  I didn’t cut out foods cold turkey (which feels funny to write, vegetarian that I am).  I didn’t let myself go mad thinking of all the things I needed to do.  Well, maybe that last one a little.


Here’s the point – slow and steady wins the race.  I started where it made the most sense to me, which happened to be in my bathroom.  Then I let the changes evolve from there.  Piece by piece, my habits shifted to where I needed them to be.


Did I have it all down before I got pregnant?  Well, no.  Our home was free of toxic products, both self-care and cleaning.  I was going to yoga regularly (this was huge for me!).  I was no longer relying on the vending machine at work for snacks – I was feeding myself (and my baby) bananas and nut butter, red peppers and hummus, and yes, some healthier versions of frozen meals (those are largely gone from my life now).


Do I have it all down now?  Well, no.  Chloe and I regularly drink green smoothies.  I’m finally tackling the clutter in our home.  I’m finding more calm and ease with myself and those around me.


I’m getting there.  I’m also learning more, everyday.  It’s not about reaching this place of having it all figured out, it’s about enjoying the process, the journey, and going with the flow.


Are you looking for some guidance as you figure out your journey?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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