Finding Tradition in the Kitchen

One of the amazing things that I’ve noticed as I’ve come to spend more time in my kitchen is that traditions follow me there, often without intent.  It is a reminder that food plays an important role in who we are and who we become.

I started to make lunch the other day based on a recipe from Hannah Marcotti.  As I was preparing it, I stuck with the basic concept but it took a twist that brought me back to my childhood.

The basic premise of the lunch I was trying for the first time was nori rolls, but not with your typical filling.  Hannah’s suggestion was actually very similar to a recent favorite snack of mine – apple slices with almond butter.  She also suggested including a leaf of romaine to get some greens in there.

As I was slicing the apples, I was reminded of a salad my mom used to make for me when she would pack my lunch for school.  Thinking about it again, I was brought back to the smell and taste of the food, the love I knew she made it with, and the room in which I ate it so many times.  I could really visualize this.  She always made me such wonderful lunches, packed with such care, and they always included a napkin note to make me smile. This lunch that I thought of was simple, healthy, and delicious – grated carrots, apples, and raisins with a dressing of orange zest and orange juice.

I realized that I had both carrots and raisins in my kitchen, so I thought, why not add those to the nori rolls?

The end result was a nori roll spread with almond butter, and then topped with a leaf of romaine lettuce, sliced apple, thinly sliced carrots (after peeling the outer layer of the carrot, I just kept going), and a row of raisins.  I rolled it up, and my first attempt at this new creation was complete.

As I sat down to eat my lunch, Chloe came over and wanted to try a bite.  She climbed up onto my lap and we enjoyed this delicious meal together.  I learned for sure that it will take practice to get the rolls tight, and I learned that the flavor of the nori will take some getting used to, but I found a reinvented version of a childhood favorite, and perhaps new traditions will blossom.

What traditions have found new life in your kitchen?

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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