First CSA Pick-up!

Yesterday was a very exciting day – our first pick up for our CSA!  We got some great produce – chard, spinach, a head of lettuce, baby onions, chives, thyme, and some sweet potatoes.   I have been looking forward to this day for a while, and I’m so glad that the time has come, and that it’s farmer’s market season.

So what was our first meal of the season?  We had a wonderful salad with lettuce from the CSA, walnuts, seitan, feta cheese, and a homemade lemon mustard dressing.  When Jon took a bite of the salad, he said, “This is really good! Is this the lettuce that we just got?” The fresh taste was evident immediately and it felt so good and refreshing to eat.  We also had a side of sweet potatoes that we prepared very simply. We cut them into rounds, tossed them with some olive oil, salt and pepper, and baked them at 350 for about 30 minutes.  They were bursting with flavor! My intention was to take pictures of this wonderful meal, but I remembered when I had about two bites left on my plate – it was just so good I forgot!

Other plans for this week’s food include my favorite chard recipe from Alice Waters’ cookbook Chez Panisse Vegetables and a sweet potato and spinach puree for Chloe.

I’ve got tentative plans to head to the Bryn Mawr Farmer’s Market on Saturday, and maybe down to Headhouse Farmer’s Market on Sunday, so stay tuned to hear about what I find there, and what I make with it!

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