From I Want One to I Have One to Me Again (On Balance)

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Sometimes the best way to make time for the things we love most, especially as mamas, is to share our joy with others.  Making time for ourselves doesn’t always have to mean solitary time (though that can be nice) or time away from our kids (that can be nice too). 


Inviting what we love into our lives brings more balance and happiness to everyone because we get to enjoy together.


Some of you may know that one of my favorite things to do, again, (thanks Hannah Marcotti!) is to cut things out of magazines and catalogs and glue them all back together in ways that are meaningful to me.


While I was working the other day, Jon and Chloe were in the other room doing just that.  It made my heart smile that in their time together, they were doing something that I love, that is the thing I turn to when I need to recharge.


Yesterday morning, a new tradition emerged.  I was hanging out with Chloe shortly after she’d woken up, and I was flipping through a magazine (it was there, I can’t help myself), and suddenly she looked up, flipped back a few pages, pointed to a picture, and said, “I like that, can you cut it out for me please?”  Yes!


Now she’s got her own box that expresses her color story (her recent favorites are pink and red), and she’s filling it up and emptying it onto paper.  In such a short time she has become a master of the glue stick and she’s gaining quite an eye for jewelry.


I love that I can have my moments of quiet with my scissors, my magazines, my glue.  I also love that I’m learning how to be myelf again in this new world.


This is part of what I dreamed of when I knew I wanted to be a mama, when I was in that ‘I want one’ phase.


The connection
The way to still be me and at the same time be someone entirely new
The joy shared
The laughter doubled
The new traditions emerging
The future growing


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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