Got Babies on the Brain? Me Too!

boost fertilityI believe passionately in the power of our bodies and in the importance of what we do before we even get pregnant.


When you take a pregnancy test and confirm that you are in fact pregnant, you’ve been pregnant for about 2 weeks already.


That means everything you’ve done in those last two weeks has impacted your baby.


Beyond that, the environment that you set up for your baby by your choices and habits in the months leading up to pregnancy helps set the stage for your pregnancy and the health of your baby as well.


What do you often hear from your health care providers (assuming you have talked to them about your desire to start a family)?


Stop taking birth control for at least a few months before you start trying to conceive, take a prenatal vitamin so you get enough folic acid, and quit smoking, doing drugs, and cut down on alcohol and caffeine.


This tells you that what you do before you start trying to conceive matters.  It matters for your fertility and for the health of you and your baby, during pregnancy and beyond.


This is why I put together Got Babies on the Brain? 30 Tips to Boost Your Fertility.


This is a new approach that goes beyond getting off one pill (birth control) and starting another (prenatal vitamins).


These 30 tips teach you how to take better care of yourself when it comes to nourishing your body with healthy food, reducing toxins, and learning to make time to take care of yourself.


As my birthday present to you (today’s my 30th!), I am offering this E-Book and bonus printable to you for FREE this weekend (through 2/24 at midnight).



Click here to get instant access to it!


I hope you enjoy it and share it with the women in your world.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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