Gratitude as Forgiveness

gratitude as forgivenessThis is deep work. This is deep magic.

Here’s what I recently said to a friend about this, “Yes, you have to do the work, feel it, and move through it. But then you get to experience your shining self!”

What have you wanted to let go of?

What is it that you’ve held onto for far too long?

What load are you ready to put down?

What can you release that will help you feel lighter, freer, and ready to move forward?

That’s what gratitude as forgiveness gets to the heart of. It gives you the strength that you might not have even known you had within you so that you can move away from the gunk that gets in the way of living the life you are ready to embrace.

The dark parts of our lives thrive on darkness and staying hidden. That’s what helps them grow. When we shed light on them, when we hold them with compassion, they loosen their grip on our lives and we begin to be able to release them, to free ourselves.

We will start with self-care to set up your strength and foundation, and then we’ll move into the tough stuff. It’s okay to be unsure of what this week will bring because you will be surrounded by support and love.

Are you ready to let go of the past and fly into your future?

Join us!

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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