Gratitude as Self-Care

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If you’ve heard me talk about self-care before, you know that I believe taking care of yourself is the foundation for your health, your family, and your happiness.

Self-Care comes in many forms – including making time for the things you love, nourishing yourself with delicious food, and making a gratitude practice part of your routine.

A gratitude practice is an act of self-care that you can fit into the tiny crevices of your day. You can make this part of your evening routine as you wind down from the day and get ready for rest. You can make this part of your morning, just a few moments, to get your day off to set the lens through which you view your day.

Gratitude is a way to take care of yourself by shifting your mindset from negativity to positivity.

Gratitude is a way to take care of yourself by reminding yourself of the beautiful moments that often slip between the cracks of the frustrations and complications.

Gratitude is a way to take care of yourself by making a little bit of time for you to process all that happens during the waking hours.

Gratitude is a way to take care of yourself by creating  life filled with joy.

In the first week of Growing with Gratitude, we’ll be focusing more on gratitude as self-care. By the end of the first week, you will feel more love for yourself, more compassion towards yourself, and more open to receiving the beauty of life.

I do hope you join us. The community is growing and powerful!

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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3 thoughts on “Gratitude as Self-Care

  1. Gina Badalaty

    I love that gratitude has a great way of making you realize how much you have in life! As a Christian, it keeps me humble and keeps me grounded in reality in our “too much stuff” society. I’m grateful for the breath of life God’s given me.


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