Hannah Marcotti is a Woman Who Shines (Go Vote!)

Hannah Marcotti Women Who Shine

Have you ever had a woman in your life who inspired you beyond belief?  Who pushed you to be the best self you hadn’t even realized you could be?  Who made you see life in an entirely new way because of how she was living her life?


When I learned about the Women Who Shine program from Social Moms, there was no doubt in my mind that I knew the perfect woman deserving of this honor.


I’m not exactly sure how Hannah Marcotti came into my life – somewhere within that amazing connecting place we call Facebook is most likely.  Maybe we shared a mutual friend and I saw a post of hers.  Who knows.  What I do know is that since she has come into my life in the past year, things have changed for me in such amazing ways.


As a mama and a business owner, life can be tough.  It can be overwhelming and lead to a lot of self-doubt.  Watching Hannah, and working with Hannah, I have learned that it’s okay to be overwhelmed, it’s normal to have self-doubt, and now thanks to her, I have an amazing community of women to support me through the good times and that bad.


Hannah lives her life from her heart, and that is clear when you read her words, join her programs, look at the images she captures of her day to day life, and especially if you are graced with a conversation with her. 


She teaches women that we are all here to support each other with love and compassion; that we can live our lives from a place of joy, even in the hardest times; that we can dream big and reach those dreams, but it might take time, and we have to be willing to start from a strong an authentic place.


Hannah has taught me, and so many other women, to live my life authentically; to take care of my home, my soul, my family, and my business; to live my life with compassion and joy. 


By shining her light, Hannah has helped me to shine mine brighter.  For those of us who have chosen a path of heart-centered work, these are priceless lessons.  For those of us who travel on the journey of motherhood, each moment of Hannah’s life that she shares becomes a priceless lesson.


I encourage you to give your vote to Hannah if you believe that joy can be found in a cup of tea, a smile, knowing that you are not alone in this world.  If you believe in the power of one woman to shine light into hundreds of women’s lives, you should check Hannah out and vote for her, because that is just what she is doing.  If you know Hannah and you think she her light shines bright enough for her to win the $10,000 prize, gather your friends and go vote!


Voting ends on October 29th, 2012, so please vote now here.


To learn more about the Women Who Shine Program, click here.



Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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