Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby: Preparing Where You Can

Healthy Mama Healthy BabyChloe has been reminding me a lot in the last week that nothing really prepares you for motherhood.  We were out of town and then she had a cold, and her schedule has been totally out of whack.   Throw daylight savings time on top of things, and it’s been a mess.


I’m finding that I can’t stay calm and together when it takes 2 hours to get her to sleep at night, again and again. 


When she gets upset about little things, I start getting upset too.


I find myself questioning my skills at this whole mama thing, but then she takes a break from what she’s doing, looks up at me, and says, “Mama, I love you so much!”  And I love her too.


Preparing for pregnancy was so much easier than this, and even though I didn’t do everything I wanted to or maybe felt like I should have, I know it made a huge difference.


It gave me the motivation to start living a healthier life, and that has certainly helped me along this journey of motherhood.


We are in control of more than we think, and it is up to us to live empowered and confident lives.  No one else can do that for us.  Focusing on my health during the preconception time (or my I Want One phase as I like to call it) shifted my life tremendously.


Why is this time so important?


The environment that our babies grow in matters from day 1 – the food we eat, the toxins we take in, and the attitude we have can all have serious impacts on the health of our babies.  By the time we’re pregnant, there are already some things that are out of our control but that can be quite significant.


It’s so much easier to make changes to your habits before you are experiencing the hormonal shifts of pregnancy and the utter exhaustion of the early days (years?) of parenthood.


Starting this journey from a place of empowerment has an impact not just on how you feel during pregnancy, but on how you experience labor, childbirth, and the early days of motherhood.


Reducing toxins and shifting to healthier lifestyle habits (including but not limited to what you eat) can increase fertility, and reduce severity of morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn and more during pregnancy.


If you’re ready to be a mama but you’re not sure yet when that’s going to happen in your life, this is the best way you can step into this role RIGHT NOW without waiting another moment.


Whether you’re dreaming of being a first time mama or you want to do things differently the next time around, think about setting a solid foundation for your baby now.


Are you ready to feel empowered and confident and you start this journey?  Sign up here for an initial consultation for just $40 and see how I can help support you.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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