Hey Nourishing, Nurturing Mamas, What Will You Say?

As women, we are nurturers of the world.


Once we have knowledge, we have responsibility.


Not only that – we have confidence, strength, and we feel empowered.


Our children and grandchildren will likely, hopefully, grow up in a world where there is more understanding and transparency about the toxic chemicals that surround us.


When they ask, “What did you do about it?” what do you want to say?


I want to say…


I learned

I empowered myself

I took a stand

I took control where I could

I spoke up about what I couldn’t control and about why it needed to change

I taught others

I helped them connect to their empowered mama spirits

And together we made a better future


This isn’t hard.  It only feels that way because of the overwhelm, the fear of where do I start.


You start right here.


And I’m holding your hand;

We’re doing this together.

We start with the first step,

And then we move forward from there.


The flow that comes when you start with what feels easy can seem like magic.


Suddenly you’re not taking steps, you’re gliding to where you want to be.


Toxins are scary as shit.


I’ve been scared to talk about them because I didn’t want to add to the fear.


The silence, the inaction, is what breeds the fear.


Teaching, sharing, supporting, is what comes from me by way of love, so you can open up to your full potential, for yourself and your family.


Banish the thoughts of…

I can’t.

It’s too hard.

It’s too time consuming.

It’s too expensive.


You are worth all of it, and it’s what you want for your family for generations to come.


You can.

It’s easy.

It’s simple.

It’s much less expensive than disease and distress.


Are you ready?  Let’s do it!


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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