Hiding in a Tent (where my journey to mamahood began)

I often talk about how my journey to stepping into the role of mama began in my bathroom, but the catalyst for that began a bit earlier.


It was 2007, about a month and a half after my husband and I had gotten married.  Close friends of our had recently told us they were pregnant, and it made me realize that I was more ready to start a family than I had previously thought.


We were at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, our annual vacation since 2000, and I can remember this vividly:


babies on the brainI was sitting in our tent, secretly reading The Complete Organic Pregnancy.


When this feeling of desire hits deep within, as it did for me, and perhaps it has for you, it can feel incredibly lonely.


Here I was, surrounded by friends, but huddled by myself because I couldn’t put this book down.


In reading this book, I was letting myself escape to a world where I was already nourishing and nurturing my baby because I was creating a healthy first home within my womb.


Instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, I gave myself the opportunity to start preparing right away.


This was the beginning of a shift that would eventually take me through a beautiful and empowered pregnancy, leading me to find my passion and life’s work in support other women during this amazing time.


The start to any great and lasting change is awareness.


Where can you bring more awareness on your journey today?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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