Holiday Sale 2016

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Now is the time of year when we tend to go go go without giving ourselves the time to slow down and savor the season. Besides feeling tired and drained, this can make us sick because we are depleting ourselves without stopping to refuel.

This year, give yourself, your friends, your loved ones, the gift of yoga, Sacred Becoming Coaching and/or Sacred Becoming Malas and adornments. Sale through end of day Monday November 28th! 10% of all sales will be donated to Standing Rock.

Gift certificates for yoga and coaching are also available, please email for more details.


Honor yourself by taking time to come to your mat, deepening an already existing practice or beginning your journey.

With options for vinyasa, yin, and prenatal, you can be sure that we will work together and create a sequence that is perfect for your life right now.

The prices below are good for up to 3 people per session, so sign up and split the cost with friends and commit together to a weekly practice that is attuned to what you need.

Private yoga sessions give you the opportunity to have my attention more focused on you and what you need for your body and your soul.

Once you purchase your class or class card, I will email you to set up a time and date for our first session. You will also receive an email with some questions so that I can craft a class plan that best suites what you are looking for.

Black Friday Yoga Sale!

Sacred Becoming Coaching

The Sacred Becoming Sessions are for the women who take care of others yet forget to take care of themselves. These sessions are for the women who can hold space for the dreams of those around them yet feel stuck in their own dreams. These sessions are for the women who are ready to move into their next iteration and are ready for some loving support. Is that you?

To me, support means stretch. Support is about helping you identify and discover the most valuable dreams in your heart, guiding you to the edge of your comfort zone, and holding your hand as you take a step or leap beyond that edge.

I’m offering the Sacred Becoming Sessions as a way to help you take empowered action to get your dreams rolling.

Details can be found here (but come back to this page for the holiday pricing!)

Note: Sessions must begin by February 1st.

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Malas and Other Sacred Adornments:

Check out the Sacred Becoming Shop for 10% off of all orders and free shipping on Malas.