How Ritual Can Get You through Even When It’s Not There

You know those times when it feels like your world suddenly flips upside down? And then things just keep coming at you from all directions, at lightening speed, and you don’t even have a moment to catch your breath? Much of my summer felt like that.

Even though July and August were an emotionally draining time, I managed to hear myself say the following to my husband the other day, “Despite everything, I feel happy and calm at my center.” And I do.

Here I am taking a moment to catch my breath.

Here I am taking a moment to catch my breath.

Many of my self care rituals got lost in the shuffle of a complicated summer. In August, I saw my meditation practice drop away. I barely did any yoga. I’m not even sure if my kitchen was stocked with lemons for my daily lemon water. There was a week there where I barely ate (some people eat emotionally when things are tough and I found myself doing the opposite, not even making time for food).

So much took a back seat in August, but the idea of ritual kept me going. I knew that when I was ready, I could return to it, and I did. Coming from a place of non judgment I was able to honor the space I needed and to recognize and accept that I couldn’t do it all.

Mantra stayed with me. Breath work stayed with me. Lots of restful sleep stayed with me. And that was enough.

One day in the middle of the month, I found myself in a yoga class. Almost immediately I could feel the healing that was happening. The familiar movements. The feeling of home that my mat always brings me. It was a reawakening to one of the most important rituals of all in my life, one that follows me on and off my mat – the practice of yoga.

Whatever rituals hold meaning for you, whether they are ones that you can easily tuck into your day (like lemon water when you actually have the lemons) or the ones that take a little more planning (like getting to a yoga class or getting a massage), know that they are always waiting for you. When you meet them from a place of non judgment, you’ll be able to get through anything.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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