I Had No Idea How Toxic My Bathroom Was…

The next few Wednesdays will be dedicated to me sharing a bit of my journey with you. For a long time I’ve been telling myself that what brought me to this work was my desire to have more support around healthy eating during pregnancy.  Certainly, that was part of my story and part of how I feel drawn to supporting women. More recently, I remembered that it started earlier.  It started before we even began trying to conceive.  As I was living in my “I Want One” phase, I began to learn, explore, and discover so that I could feel informed and empowered for my pregnancy experience, whenever that would come. One of my discoveries was around the issue of toxins.  complete organic pregnancy and slow death by rubber duckAt that point in my life, I knew very little about toxins.  My bathroom was stocked with products that I would come to discover were incredibly toxic – I was slathering myself with chemicals every day.  I stored and heated my food in plastic, drank my water out of plastic bottles, had a home full of clutter that I honestly didn’t keep as clean as I should have.  I ate plenty of processed foods, and the produce I chose was likely not organic. On top of all of that, I was stressed. I didn’t know where I wanted to be in my life, what role I saw myself playing in the world, and this often got me down. When my eyes were opened to the world of toxins, my life began to shift.  If these toxins were all around me, being soaked into my skin, breathed in and ingested, surely they would have an impact on my baby.  I felt confident that it was important not to wait until I was pregnant to make changes because I was pretty sure (and further learning has confirmed this) that my choices at that time would impact my future baby, who would be living nice and cozy in my womb. Check out the blog next Wednesday to learn how I shifted this knowledge into action, what it looked like in my life, and what it meant for my future


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P.S. Is your bathroom toxic?  Learn what you can do about it here.

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