In Deep Gratitude for Grateful Heart Healing Energy

Dare to Desire Grateful HeartThere are times when someone comes into our life and with quiet power begins to change it, bit by bit. First, maybe it’s just the presence of this person that you notice, and over time you begin to soak in more and more of their love, their lessons, their magic. When these people enter our lives, it is such beautiful reminder of the incredible power a single person has, and we take that reminder to heart and know that we too have incredible power.

One such person who I am so grateful for in my life is Amy Hendrickson of Grateful Heart Healing Energy. She embodies each of these words so fully.

She is Grateful. Her practice of gratitude shines forth in her life and she has shown how that practice can lead to incredible manifesting.

She is Heart. Amy has such love for her family, her clients, her friends, and I’m quite sure everyone she comes into contact with (and those she doesn’t). She radiates love.

She is Healing. She has stepped fully and deeply into her gifts as a healer and I have experienced this firsthand as well as enjoyed reading the many success stories of her clients.

She is Energy. When Amy hits upon something that really lights her up, watch out because she makes it happen, and she makes it happen big. She can harness and expand energy so well and it’s incredible to watch.

Over the years of our friendship and work together, I have watched Amy grow and explore how she can help people in ever-deepening ways. Her dedication and passion for her work is why I continue to work with her and why I offer her support to my clients. Now, she is sharing an amazing opportunity to work with her and get the benefits of the full range of her modalities all while shifting you closer and closer to your deepest desires.

Dare to Desire is a month-long program that is sure to have you convinced that Amy is ready to be your partner in creating the life you desire.

Learn more about the program here, and be sure to check it out soon because space is limited!

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