In Getting Lost, I Am Found

Wake Up AltarI come back to the poses again and again, seeing what I can learn this time, what new way I can find my exploration on my mat.

Sometimes even when we’ve seen or experienced something dozens, maybe even hundreds of times, there’s still a new piece of wisdom waiting to be discovered.

And so I search.

I search my body for clues about what feels sacred now.

I search my surroundings for clues about where I’m heading next.

I search my soul for longings simmering beneath the surface.

In my searching, I get lost.

In getting lost, I get found.

This journey of life takes us on unexpected paths, takes us places we never thought we’d love and places we never wanted to go. There’s no escaping any of it. It becomes the landscape of your life and your power comes in choosing what you will learn from it and how you will go forth.

You can surrender to all that happens and decide that you are choice-less in the matter or you can find your courage, build up your inner strength, and continue to take each next step as it comes.

I think this courage is often what I’m searching for when I come to my mat.

On my mat, I am my only possible enemy.

On my mat, the rest of the world, for a time, melts away.

From that place, I can dive inward and rediscover the strength I know I have. Then when I rouse myself from Savasana, I know I can return to the world as a fuller version of myself, having seen the truth within me.

With Love,
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