Inviting in the Morning Light

Watching the sky begin to fill with light, seeing it peak through the clouds, seeing it rest behind the naked trees outside my window, has become one of my favorite things about morning.


I was not always a morning person, but I recently discovered this is my most creative and powerful time of day – roughly between the hours of 6 and 8 am.  Getting up at this time, with 7-8 hours of sleep under my belt, has helped me tune into my body and to the natural world.  During this dark time of year, when the sun sets so early, it may also be my body’s way of recalibrating to allow                                                                                      in more light.


It is often difficult these days to feel a deep connection to nature with each inhale and exhale that we take.  We sit in homes or buildings, high off the ground.  We spend hours and hours each day staring at the artifical light on a screen – our computers, phones, and televisions.  Waking up with the light has allowed me to reconnect on a soulful level.


Another way that I do this is by spending time under the light of the moon at night.  Chloe loves the moon.  She searches for it or finds it quickly most nights when we find ourselves outside.  It is another connection to our sacred home, a reminder that we are all sharing this space no matter how much distance is between us.


I invite you to find a way to reconnect to the natural world in a way that’s feels authentic to you.  It is healing, calming, energizing and powerful.  It tunes you into your body on a deeper level, allowing you to hear the messages that are most important for you to acknowledge.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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