It All Starts with Trust

trust yourselfIt all starts with trust.

If you cannot trust yourself, you will never lift your foot to take the first step, and then the next.

If you do not trust those who are there to support you, you will not lean on them when you most need support because you will be afraid of the fall.

Trust is a scary thing, something your past may have taught you to be wary of.

Trust means vulnerability.

Trust means looking fear in the eye and telling it to sit down and shut up.

Trust means a sense of peace and calm even amidst the most tumultuous storm.

Trust is not unreachable, but it does take work.

It comes in bits and pieces, it comes in waves, and the more you invite it into your life, the more it shows up for you when you need it.

Trust in yourself allows you to have a strong foundation for everything else you face — the joy and the struggle.

Trust is tapping into instinct, learning to be guided by your intuition, your knowing, instead of by your fear and uncertainty.

An incredibly empowered and confident journey towards mamahood begins with trust.

Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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