I just spent an amazing weekend in New Hampshire celebrating a wedding with family and friends.

Jon, Chloe, my mom and I drove up – a long trip but a wonderful experience.  On the ride up, we spent the last 2 hours admiring an incredible moon, and watching it’s journey to meet Jupiter in the night sky.  The ride home allowed us to see more of New England in the transition between vibrant fall colors and barren winter trees.  I was amazed, as I always am, as I watched hawks and other birds swoop through the sky, flying effortlessly.

The weekend away allowed us to relax and leave our to-do lists at home.  We relaxed in the company of old friends and new, and danced like crazy as we celebrated at the wedding.  It was such a reminder to me of the importance to let loose and enjoy life.  A night spent with friends is a great way to do that – I laughed so hard, smiled so much, and danced so freely.

Joy can be found in the simple moments, in the times that would pass by without much noticing if you did not pause and honor them. Where can you find joy today?


Peace, love, and wellness,


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