Letting Go In The Light of the Full Moon


full moonI recently made the decision to physically let go of a period of time in my past.  It took me almost two decades to get to this point, but I knew that I was ready and this was something that I had to do in order to move forward with my life.  It did not come easily, but it was not a struggle.  It was part of a long, unfolding process.

It took some work to get the fire started, but once I did, I got to see the beauty dancing in the flames.  Blackened edges of paper and then they were suddenly curled up and consumed by the flames.  As I added more papers, the heat grew and I could feel the release deep within my being.

Here is what I’ve come to learn about letting go:

  • You have to be ready.
  • The ritual can exist in your heart.
  • Space opens for growth to begin.
  • The experience can be joyful and painless.

More on these in the days to come….

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