Letting Go: Space Opens for Growth to Begin

open spaceWhen you let go of physical items, you can see that space opens up for new things to enter into your life, whether that means new objects or the peace of mind that having some empty space brings you.  When you let go of internal “stuff,” not only does space open for new things, but for growth as well.


When we fill ourselves with worry, anxiety, old fears and experiences, a lot of energy is used and can hold us back from moving forward.  When we can release what is no longer serving us, not only do we sometimes feel lighter, like we are no longer carrying a heavy burden on our shoulders, but we can more clearly see the path in front of us.


Even before I burned those old letters, setting the intention to do so, being okay with it, shifted things for me.  It changed my perspective.  I think I had always assumed that this time in my life would always be part of me, part of how I defined myself.  The idea had never arisen that I could let go and move on from this place of pain.


I could feel, just from the decision to release, that I was creating space for what I wanted my future to be.  For so many years I spent time worrying about when those down times would come back to me.  They haunted me like something inevitable waiting around the corner.  By letting go, I gave myself permission to grow into the person that I want to be instead of staying the same scared person of my past.


What growth can you allow for in your life by letting go?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,


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