My Favorite 15 Posts of 2015

As I reflect upon the last twelve months I read through what I have written here for you. In chronological order, here are the ones that still resonate most with my heart. What was your favorite post on the blog this year? What are you hoping to see in the coming year? Leave a comment below and let me know!
Are You Living Your Dreams or Someone Else’s?
The Power of Connection
In Getting Lost, I Am Found
My Home is a Mirror
5 Lessons I’ve Learned in Her 5 Years
What You Need to Be Open to Possibility
Clearing the Fog to Let Your Light Shine
It’s Time
Sometimes What We Think We Do Not Like is Exactly What We Need
The Journey of Yoga Mala
The Old Friend and The Stranger
I Am
The Hunt for What Was There All Along
These Precious Moments
The Sacred Detours of Life

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