My Home is a Mirror

Clutter CollageThere is clean laundry draped over the couch and the chair. Toys are strewn all over the place, including injurious Legos waiting to be stepped on. Books in piles on the floor waiting for be put somewhere. Scraps left over from a brief moment of visioning a few night ago. Little bits and pieces that don’t go in the dishwasher waiting for my hands to clean them and find a place for them in an overstuffed kitchen.

It’s no wonder that my nervous system is jacked up and I’m on a self-imposed break from caffeine. It’s no wonder that I feel disjointed and all over the place, energy being pulled in so many directions.

I get rid of old papers. I fill boxes with items to donate. I sweep dust from the floors and put clothing away. And somehow the chaos still remains.

This has been a struggle for years that we’ve tried to tackle and I know now more than ever that even though time is short, finding a way to stay on top of this is important.

It is important for our well being because we are being constantly overstimulated.
It is important for our stress levels because we are in a never-ending cycle of doing.
It is important for our ability to be calm and relax and to have a sacred space.

Just as what happens on the yoga mat is often a reflection of your life off of the mat, what is going on in the environment around you mirrors your internal world.

I know this, so why does it feel so difficult to change? Why does it feel as if no matter how much I do it continues to pile up? What can break this cycle?

One thing that I’ve been doing recently is when I leave a room, making sure that I leave it a little better than I found it. Maybe that means taking the empty toilet paper roll and putting it in the recycling bin or washing 5 dishes for every 1 that I use.

The little things don’t change it all. What they help do is to slow down the rate at which the chaos seems to pile up. And in that, I can find a little more peace. In that slowing down, I give my mind a little more space for pause.

With Love,
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