My Soul Song


journalSitting in the car,  forgotten phone at home (what a blessing!), Chloe sleeping in the back.


The book I have with me isn’t holding my attention, and I long for something that pulls at my soul, like The Alchemist did just yesterday.


Out comes my notebook.  I skim the pages already written, and there it is.


Appearing just when it’s ready to, beautifully soulful idea pops into my head and begins spilling out of me.


Suddenly the small pages of my Moleskine seem confining and I long for time and space to breathe life into this offering.


I keep my journal close and my pen closer as the words, the ideas, continue to spill, to float, out of me.


There are these times in our lives like the one I just described to you, when everything flows, when signs from beyond you help you see that the timing is perfection.  Words from a friend, the way space opens up to allow for the thoughts to flow; it all comes just as it should.


You may feel a sense of ease or that obstacles that once felt like boulders now get pushed aside like the wind.


This is when you follow, you listen closely because these are the times when your soul is speaking to you, living through you.


That is the message that I feel drawn to share with you, it is my soul song;  it is the message I received as I sat in the car, disconnected from the world in so many ways, and deeply connected to my self.

I was living soulfully in the moment and I was drawn to sharing that with you.  The time felt right.  The time is now.


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Until then, disconnect a little, and listen for your soul.  It’s there.  It’s waiting to be heard.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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