National Nutrition Month Tip #14

Lemon water

There is something so refreshing about waking up and enjoying a cup of hot tea in the morning, and it can be as simple as hot water with the juice of a lemon.  In the summer, you can easily translate this to cold water if hot tea doesn’t feel appealing.

Lemons are alkalizing, so when you regularly incorporate them into your diet, you help your body maintain its proper pH level.  The standard American diet, full of processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and even the stress in our lives, often makes us more more acidic than we should be, which can lead to problems such as lack of energy, headaches, being more prone to infection.  Acid stores itself in fat cells; so being too acidic can actually make it more difficult to lose weight because your fat cells are hanging on to protect your body from excess acid!

Hot water and lemon has become a morning ritual that I look forward to.  I’d love to hear what you think of it when you try it!

One thought on “National Nutrition Month Tip #14

  1. Karen

    I, too, have hot water with fresh lemon juice most mornings. This is a ritual that I recently started, so I haven’t noticed a big impact on my overall wellbeing. But I do enjoy it and know that it is another step in the right direction!


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