National Nutrition Month Tip #28

Stress reduction is key to your health because stress actually causes inflammation in the body, which leads to illness and disease, sometimes suffered silently for a long time.  We are more stressed today than ever before and many of us are moving at breakneck speed without slowing down even to eat, let alone breathe and check in with ourselves.  When you reduce your stress you:

  • Allow your body to be better able to digest food, reducing digestive discomfort and increasing the absorption of nutrients
  • Create stronger relationships with those around you, which increases productivity, happiness, and the health of yourself and others
  • Free up time to do the things you love because you are not in a constant state of worrying about what happened in the past and what needs to happen in the future.  You are able to enjoy the present moment and love life.


Where do you feel stuck when it comes to reducing stress?

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