National Nutrition Tip #26

strawberries at the farmer's marketFarmer’s Markets

Spring is here, and for many people that means the return of farmer’s markets and an abundance of fresh and local goodies!  If you’ve been wondering how to get the healthiest and freshest foods at the best prices, farmer’s markets are your answer!

You can also sign up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) so you can take the thinking out of the process and get a book full of delicious produce every week!

Some of my favorite reasons to shop at my local farmer’s markets:

  • Supporting local business – being able to purchase from my local farmers makes me feel like I am giving back while I’m nourishing myself
  • Learning from those who grow the food – I love spending time talking to the farmers, learning more about their practices so I know that I feel comfortable eating what they grow, and getting some great ideas for new ways to enjoy the food.
  • Environmentally sound – Getting food from your local farmers cuts down significantly on the transportation from food to plate – increasing the nutritional value of the food and decreasing the pollution that was created to get it to you.

You can find a farmers market or CSA near you by visit


What’s your favorite reason to shop at your famer’s market?  I’d love to hear about it!

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