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late summer farmer's market

I walked into my kitchen and put my farmer’s market finds away.  Most sat waiting for its time on my counter.  I walked around my home, trying to answer that always lingering question, “What’s next?”


I had this beautiful Saturday afternoon to myself.  Jon was at work and my mother-in-law had Chloe.  How would I choose to spend this time?


Lunch time.  I wandered back into the kitchen, aimlessly looked around, decided I had nothing to eat, nothing that I wanted, and felt that mealtime despair kicking in again.


Then I stopped myself.  I realized that I didn’t have to worry about what Jon or Chloe wanted to eat.  I realized that I could make whatever I wanted, and I looked at my newly found farmer’s market treasures.


Just like that, I found myself re-finding my flow in the kitchen, something that’s been sorely missing. 


I was so excited to have spaghetti squash so I cut it up and put it in the oven.

While it baked (about 30 minutes on 350° on a lightly oiled baking sheet), I prepped whatever other veggies I could find


Half an onion, diced and into some olive oil on the pan


Added a few cloves of minced garlic a few minutes later (be careful not to burn, I almost did)


Roughly chopped a handful of kale and collard leaves and tossed them in to wilt


Drained half a can of organic black beans (BPA free can) and added them to the heat


Took the beautiful squash out of the oven (saved the seeds) and tossed that in with the veggies


I was so excited that I don’t even think I seasoned it, but if I did it was with some sea salt, lemon pepper, and smoked paprika (my favorites)


spaghetti squash recipe

Just like that, I found myself sitting down to a meal that I created with love just for me.  


A reminder that to take care of my family, to nourish and nurture them, I have to start by nourishing and nurturing myself.


How can you honor your family by honoring yourself?


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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