Nourishing My Mama Spirit As I Return to Routine

the next fest generation

Chloe enjoying a stroll at Fest

Saturday night, after a timeless walk around Fest grounds, I got back to our campsite feeling really connected to this favorite place of mine, the one that I call home.  I was sitting around a fire with friends, and I found myself looking up to the sky.  Rarely do I see that many stars, and it stunned me.


I lay down on the ground so I could get a better view. My awareness shifted to the vast number of stars, some shining brighter than others, and I felt more grounded than I have in as long as I can remember.  I had not checked Facebook or email in almost a week, and all I needed was right there – friends, warmth, happiness, joy.


Sitting at my desk now, I feel a bit undone.  The hum of the washing machine and dryer, street traffic, and the glare of the computer screen are no longer what feels normal for me, and I’m struggling to adjust.  I can feel it in me, it’s not the typical adjustment period that often comes at the end of a vacation.  This is a call for me to shift my mindset, invite a little more Fest into my daily life, and I look forward to exploring how I can do that.


Seeing the world in a new way, from a new perspective, is sometimes just what we need to make changes that we’ve been longing for actually happen.  When you can get to a point of knowing without over thinking, you are tapping into something that is real and authentic for you.  Sometimes you can reach this place on your own, and sometimes you need the right opportunity to come along and serve as your guide.


As I unwind and resettle from a week of connecting in a way that usually finds me just one week out of the year, my mind shifts back towards how I can help support you to see the world from a new perspective that will help guide to health and happiness for yourself and your family.


I invite you to learn more about the Nourishing Your Sacred Mama Spirit 21 Day Detox, and to ask me any questions that you may have.


This detox is perfect for any woman who is looking to create deeper connection to self.


You can learn more here and you can ask me questions by posting a comment here on the blog or by sending an email to


Peace, Love, and Wellness

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