Out of Your Comfort Zone and into Your Joy

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Yes, that’s me stuck under my sleeping Chloe.

Being Where We Are


Life is happening all around me in all its forms these days – good, bad, exciting and new, old and stale, scary, fun, challenging. What happens to many of us when there is such a flurry of feelings flying around us, is that we get stuck.


We see the wonderful things in our lives, but they somehow feel less important to us than the bad. The bad drags us down, and there we stay, stuck in our despair, until someone who loves us comes along and pulls us out.


I’m here to pull you out.


So here’s what’s really going on – you’re comfortable.


It sounds crazy, but you’re comfortable in the misery. It’s probably a place you’ve been many times before, and even though you don’t like it, the feelings are familiar.


This is where we get stuck, in the feeling comfortable. To get unstuck, we need to take steps outside of our comfort zones and breathe in the air. What does that feel like, this new place, this place where you want to be? Does it feel freeing? Joyful? Exciting and inviting? Envision this as your life.


Now don’t get caught up in figuring out how to get there – that’s when you’ll slowly, quietly, step back into your place of comfort. I invite you to stay outside your comfort zone and imagine what life could be if you built your foundation from this new place.


  • Easing the fear and worry that comes with becoming and being a mama


  • Letting go of what you can’t control


  • Embracing what you can and loving yourself up


  • Honoring where you are, right now, and knowing that it’s the perfect place to be


I’d love to hear where you’re getting stuck and where you could most use support. Leave me a comment below or send me an email and let me know what’s going on in your world.


Peace, Love, and Wellness,

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